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Thread: eFX Slave 1

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    eFX Slave 1

    According to the panel - this is officially coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthBeek View Post
    According to the panel - this is officially coming.
    Really? Were it so then this would be my last great purchase of a licensed collectible. 2019?

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    Wtf!!! Finally!

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    I'd also like a Legend Boba helmet.

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    The Slave 1 will be a must!
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    I remember a while back that eFX was asked about the Slave 1. They said it was unlikely, at least for a long while, because it was out on a museum tour or something like that.

    It is great to hear that this will be coming.

    I hope one day I get my hands on a Millennium Falcon for a decent price.
    HELP, I am looking for any alternate pictures of R2-X2 (stripes on dome), this droid is seen in Ep IV, during rebel briefing and being loaded into an X-Wing prior to Death Star Attack. <-for the feedback

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    I hope it is a Slave 1 from ATOC!!! That would be epic, of course you OT guys can start throwing stones at me.........
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    stone coming your way ^^^
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    so I read that Bryan stated it was a "FX model" is this the same thing as a studio scale or is this something different. Sounds like studio because they will be taking molds of the model that was out on tour.

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    It likely means it will be like the xwing. It will have lights.

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