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Thread: SSC Mythos 1:5 Darth Vader

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    To each their own, my Vader's orange hues are perfect and I think it's what makes the statue unique. Outside of the McQuarrie Vader this is my favorite Vader statue out there.
    You should get Iron Studios Vader, it is amazing

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    Although I thought it looked nice I didn’t think the asking price was worth it for what it is..., I accept prices for collectibles constantly go up but they started with a massive leap compared to other companies & it put me right off. The Attakus 1:5 scale first Vader statue is the best around to date in my opinion, I only have it in the 1:10 scale release but that still looks great too..., the next noteworthy Vader statue for me is Gentle Giant’s 1:6 scale ESB kneeling version, that was a masterpiece, there are others I like but not standout like. Plenty around when it comes to Vader collectibles so we all have our favourites.
    "Look Sir, Droids"

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