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Thread: The Black Series 3.75" Line (2013) - General Discussion Thread

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    I hate the fact that they insist on including that crappy anime Yoda cane in ALL his new figures, regardless of movie. It's become the new Boba Fett ESB blaster or Obi-Wan Lightsaber with a green blade. It looks so crappy on an OT Yoda. He literally had a cane-looking skinny stick, not some twisted piece of cartoony-looking wood.

    They also keep regressing on the OT head sculpt. They keep making him look either ridiculous or like ROTS. They need to get the pale green color back to him and do a proper ESB Yoda for a change. He's way too important of a character NOT to get him right. They just have to nail the likeness...all the crappy versions don't even hold a candle to the original Kenner version, what a fantastic figure.

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    The one glaring aspect of that Yoda figure is the pronounced sideburns, if they wee toned down a little it would probably look better.

    As for Kanan and Ezra, it depends on how long you want to wait for them. If Hasbro does make any SA 3.75" figures from rebels, it will likely be after the ST is done as they've already said it was on hiatus. They want the focus on the movies, so best case scenario is likely 2022 at the earliest.
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