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Thread: The Black Series 3.75" Line (2013) - General Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkKnight07 View Post
    Anybody else get duped by walmarts recent letting people order the scariff trooper only for in store pick up? It sounded a little too good to be true and it was. My order got canceled as did everyone else's. Just a little more salt in the wound of the way they've handled the line.
    I ordered 2 early in the morning and it took until late the next day before it was cancelled.
    "May the Funk be with You!"

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    yawn....once again NO representation for this line at Comic Con and the 40th anniversary....more shoving 6" down our throats adding insult to injury by setting up incredible diorama pieces....that will never be for sale of course, or made into 3.75" sizing, because who cares about that honestly????

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