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Thread: Ewok Scouts 2-Pack

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    Definite buy.

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    Instant buy, if I can ever find it that is
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    Ewoks? Definite pass, I have zero interest in these characters.

    Imperials? Maybe, depends if its a Target exclusive, as there's no Target near me. Might have to resort to here or eBay.
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    As long as I can find it, and it's not ridiculously overpriced, I will pick this up.

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    This one I like, it's all about character selection I guess, although I would still rather have any new figure on a TVC card as opposed to in a multi pack.

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    I'll take a set for sure, as long as I can find one.

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    Definite buy for me. As to where it'll be exclusive to, I'm betting on either Wally or Target since TRU is already getting the 5-pack for this year. Also, as a side note, Hasbro seems really intent on getting all of the Ewoks done and out of the way. Just look at this year: Lumat on a single card, the aforementioned TRU multipack, AND this 2-pack. That's EIGHT Ewoks in less than six months. Not that I'm complaining, though. I like Ewoks, but I just find it weird that there's so many coming out in such a short time.

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    I'm sold.
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    They look really great for those of you who love ewoks. Happy for you. It's always nice to see Hasbro do something well even if it falls outside of my own interests.
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