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Thread: Alliance Intellegence--A Photonovel

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    Alliance Intellegence--A Photonovel

    -I've finally got this to work, but the second half of the first chapter is missing. I'll post it as soon as I find it.

    -In the ruins of a rebel base, a squad of Imperial Shock Troopers searches for survivors, unaware that they are being watched by their quarry.

    -Alliance Intellegence agent Airen Cracken repturns to the hiding place of the only other survivor, a Wookiee named Saigorr, who has repaired their transmiter only to find all communications jammed by the Imperials.

    -Unable to find any sign of lifeforms, the Shock Trooper commander calls off the search.

    -With the enemy troops gone, Cracken and Saigorr set of across the rocky wasteland to escape the range of the Imperial's jammer.

    (Sorry about the small size. If you click on the pictures, it goes to full size)
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    Not sure why the pics are so small/have to click on them... if you use a regular hosting service, it will really enhance this for your readers (the pics look great though, by the way).

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    -I'm not that expirienced with computers. What exactly is a hosting service?
    --And thank you for the compliment.

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    No problem - it's a website, like or where you can upload your photos.

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    -Here is the second half of the first chapter. I apologise for the horizontal vertical pictures, I'll try to fix those next time.

    -Back in the ruins of the rebel base, Commander Scorn, leader of a team of Storm Commandos, continues to search through the rubble.

    -He is approached by the Shock Trooper commander, who, having completed his own search, reports.

    -"We have found no sign of survivors, sir. Should I call off the search?"

    -"Yes. Return with your men to the base. I'll wait here until my squadron reports back".

    -Meanwhile, Cracken and Saigorr have escaped the range of the Imperials jammer, and stop to rest in the ruins of a native guardpost that had fallen during the Clone Wars.

    -However, they are being watched by one of Scorn's scouts, who hastily reports their posistion to his commander.

    -"I presumed there would be survivors," Scorn replied. "Bring out the Hunter".

    -At his command, one of the Commandos activates a Hunter Droid, which were designed by the Empire for the purpose of hunting fugitives, particuarily rebels.

    -Back in the ruined guardpost, Saigorr informs Cracken that a rebel ship is on its way to pick them up a short distance away.

    -"That's good. We ought to be on our way, then," Cracken replies.

    -Saigorr has no chance to reply, as the Hunter suddenly appears, swooping out of the sky straight towards them.

    -Cracken narrowly avoids the droid's spiked tail as it flys by.

    -However, it has come too low, and Saigorr manages to grab it and hold on to it long enough for Cracken to shoot it multiple times...

    -and it crashes into the rock wall.

    -A well-aimed rock then permamently disables the menace.

    -"It will have alerted the Imperials," Cracken tells Saigorr. " We must leave now".

    -The Imperials, however, are already there, and open fire on the fleeing duo...

    -Who escape into the nearby forest.

    -Scorn, who has arrived on the scene, implores his men to get a reading on their quarry.

    -But the vegetation is too thick, allowing the rebels to escape.

    And that concludes the first chapter of Alliance Intellegence. Any comments and advice will be appreciated.
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    That looks great, I love the outdoor photography. I'll be sure to catch up and comment over the weekend.

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    Chapter 2
    --After the events of the previous chapter, Colonel Airen Cracken and the Wookiee, Saigorr, escaped through the Imperial blockade, but not without suffering damage to their ship. The land at a rebel outpost on a nearby moon for repairs. While waiting, Cracken is called to a meeting with the chief officer of the outpost.

    -"Colonel, while you are here, we were wondering if you would mind undertaking a mission to New Tirith, that spaceport on the horizon."

    -"There is a Jedi hiding inside. We had made contact with him, but the Imperials arrived a few days before you and cut off all of our communications. We need someone to enter the city and contact them. As you have had expiriences with the Jedi before, we hoped you could".

    -"I suppose I could," Cracken replied. "We don't have anything better to do".

    -A short time later, the duo are traveling to the city with a guide...

    -Only to be surprised by two Stormtroopers on patrol.

    -Before they have a chance to fire, the first is killed by the guide...

    -And the second is shot by Cracken.

    -"We'd best hurry," the guide says. "They wouldn't be patroling if they didn't know you were here".

    -They do, and soon arrive within the walls of New Tirith.

    -Here their guide tells them to meet an informant at a nearby droid shop, and departs to warn the outpost of the Imperial patrols.

    -Meanwhile, General Traine of the Fangorn Empire, who controls this moon and the surronding systems, is meeting with Lieutenant Hogan, of the Galactic Empire.

    -"I suppose, General you are aware that the delay in our negotiations is caused by two escaped rebel agents who have taken refuge here".

    -I can assure you," Traine replies, "My men are perfectly capable of...

    -He is interuppted by Captain Kott, Chief of Security. "We have located your lost patrol, General. They are dead."

    -"Then they are likely already in the city. You'd best double your efforts, General".

    -At that time, Cracken and Saigorr have located their informant.

    -"The Jedi lives just a short way away from here, with his two guardians. And another thing, you's best be careful. The Empire just posted a rather large bounty on the two of you".

    -With that, he departs. Cracken turns to Saigorr. "It looks like someone already wants to get that bounty. We're being followed"

    -Hoping to lose their follower, they head into an alley, only to find it blocked by a Klantoonian mercenary.

    -"So you're the rebel spies," he says. "Gnack, get over here with your stun rod."

    -Gnack, who is standing nearby, rushes to help...

    -But is attacked by a stranger in clone trooper armor.

    -Taking advantage of the distraction, the rebels turn on their antagonists...

    -Who are defeated with help from their new beneficiary.

    -"If I'm correct in thinking you're the rebels here to meet Master Qwarr, then follow me".

    -Not seeing a better option, they do.

    To be continued...Any comments and advice will be apreciated.
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    Great pictures, and a fun storyline so far... I wish you could make the images display larger though. Have you looking into a hosting service like photobucket?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHEWIE View Post
    Great pictures, and a fun storyline so far... I wish you could make the images display larger though. Have you looking into a hosting service like photobucket?
    -I did figure out how to make them bigger, so I'll fix that next time.

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