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Thread: SSC 1:6 Snowtrooper

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    SSC 1:6 Snowtrooper

    Just found this on Sideshow's site today. Enjoy!

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    I just put the thread up myself..., must have been typing it up while you posted..., typical!!! lol
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    I been waiting for this one. Looking forward to seeing the reveal.

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    My Favorite OT Stormy. I must have this one.
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    Yes!!!! finally!
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    What ever Hoth character it is. You can 100% count me in. Though, id like to see a Snowtrooper first. Then im all "IN" for a Hoth Han, Luke and Leia and some Rebels and a Probe Droid and a General Veers and what ever esle they want to do from ESB.

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    So is this the SDCC Exclusive? If so I'm really suprised it's not a regular release. Either way I'm in!

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    it can't be. If that's indeed a Snowtrooper, it's a far too important release to make it a show exclusive. Looks like we're gonna have quite e few new items to drool over comes july.
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    No Interior this is not the SDCC exclusive. This will be a regular release. Very exciting piece, I can't wait for the reveal, so between SSC and HT I'm going to need a divorce lawyer.

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    I saw this last time I was there... It's freaking FANTASTIC!!! I am so excited for this one I can't even tell you!

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