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Thread: Taiwan Orange hair Luke Farmboy?

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    Taiwan Orange hair Luke Farmboy?

    I've never seen or heard of an orange hair Luke farmboy with a Taiwan COO but a very well known and experienced collector is selling one so curious to know if any other knowledgble variant collectors or Luke Farmboy focus collectors have any thoughts on its legitimacy?
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    This is a great and well known variant. How much is he selling it for? Oh..and unlike the carded version of DT he can still be found might take a little bit but he can still be found.
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    I know of 2 orange hair Luke Farmboy variants and both have Hong Kong COO. I've only ever seen a Taiwan Luke with Blonde hair!

    I'm not saying its not possible , hell anything is possible but I've just never heard if it before.
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    Do you have any photos of an Orange hair Luke with a Taiwan COO SeerDrakon?
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    You may as well get an auction link up in the first post, Oli. It's not hard to find on eBay.
    Or at least pinch the pics from it and post them up?

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    Lol it's Sergio aka thegame-sw so proceed with extreme caution!! I bought a Meccano Luke from him & he never sent it. He lied repeatedly about giving me a refund. Avoid this clown!! Considering the source I wouldn't trust it.

    I just noticed he is selling the same Meccano Luke he "sold" to me, seriously avoid this guy!
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    OK I added the link because I'm too lazy to save and upload the photos. If anyone has a problem I'll take it down but this doesnt look right to me. And besides as Pat said this guy doesnt have the best reputation and it appears he might be selling a piece that isnt his - but i'll leave that story to someone else.
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    The face and head is definatley Taiwan! So its 100% no headswap!

    On the other hand: I never have heard about it! No one of the big variant colectors has, I think! I personally think of a very good made repaint.....

    note: auction title has a question mark in it. and describtion says: "almost sure no repaint".....though

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    It doesn't look like the right color to me to be an orange hair. It's not bright enough if that's the right descriptor.

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    Just echoing what Wolff has said.....the head is totally a correct taiwan one.
    The colour looks spot on to me but, i would say fake unless someone can show
    us another legitimate one as this coo/hair combo just doesn't exist/hasn't shown
    up before.
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