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Thread: FS: Tom Hodges CV Attraction Mini Posters

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    FS: Tom Hodges CV Attraction Mini Posters

    I have a set of all 5 of the Tom Hodges Attraction Mini Posters from CV for sale at $80. These Mini Posters go great with the Star Wars Universe Dream Park Poster that Tom had for sale at CV or a set of the Celebration Anaheim attraction posters. Thanks for viewing!

    1. Hoth
    2. Coruscant
    3. Death Star Trench Run
    4. Jabba's Palace Grill
    5. The Gungan Bongo Adventure
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    Bumping an age old thread. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

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    Worth a bump with the upcoming Celebration Orlando. If someone is interested, I can bring these to the con on Thursday and perform the exchange in person. Thanks!

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    Just figured I would give this post a bump, since the same set just sold for more money. Let me know if any interest, thanks!

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