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Thread: UK 'Special Buy' sticker offer focus.Found a Jabba February 2014 update

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    UK 'Special Buy' sticker offer focus.Found a Jabba February 2014 update

    Ok guys,

    Went up in the loft today to tidy up a bit more,until the wife asked me to put Hannah to sleep.
    I have a few 49p items already,some coming from you guys here.

    The Hoth focus(well more Luke and Han Hoth,TT and Wampa ) is coming on a treat.I have to say a big thankyou to Mark(DS) for helping me with 3 of the items here,2 being the very hard to find ROTJ Palitoy TT and Wampa.Picked the trilogo set up off Ebay fr around 60 a few years back,s done well there.I have a lot of vintage carded hoth figures too,which i need to take pics of,aswell as cardbacks.Have most of the modern crap too,just to top it off.

    More pics coming over the next few days as i have a week off from Tuesday and will be doing some odds and sods.

    Updated with an ATAT,Snowspeeder and Scout Walker.With huge thanks to Stefan (Walkie)who hunted these down for me.A true gentleman.

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    Very nice focus and display . I love to see it grow . I have never seen the ROTJ TT box , great itim
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    Awesome Focus lee! Love it!

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    Great focus and nice display. Those boxes with the 49p stickers are quite cool.

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    Nice Hoth focus Lee and I love the selection of 49p stickered items! The latest on Repro and Original SW action figure accessories! Recognise these toys? Cool toy ads from the 1970s and 80s!

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    It is too bad that this thread did not get more traction. This is one of the most interesting limelights in recent memory. Hopefully our talk about it on the next 'chive cast will shed some more light on it.
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    Very unique focus on the 49p sticker items, Lee, and I look forward to hearing the segment Skye alluded to on the next 'chive cast episode.

    - Mike
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    Great foci Lee, the 49p focus must be unique and is there a better scene in any of the films than the Hoth battle.

    I'd not seen a ROTJ Taun Taun either - look forward to seeing the collection grow

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    I agree with Andy on this one, very cool and unique focus! I love the fact that some collectors actually enjoy collecting toys with price stickers, personally I think what you have done is a great way to bring back memories of stores and shops like Woolworths etc that are sadly no longer found in UK high streets.

    Great set and cool display Lee!
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    Wow,thanks for the comments guys.Havent been around too much lately as real life has been busy.

    Basically,ive had a fondness for TESB and the Hoth section of the film since i was 6 years old.I was taken to ANH at a very young age,so TESB was the one which really sticks in my mind.Seeing the Tauntaun run across the landscape really is a nostalgic moment to me,and when we see Luke,Han,Taun taun and Wampa i feel like im 6 years old all over again.This is something i wanted to do for years,and although i dont really like to dabble in pre production anymore i feel it can be a complementing run.I have both Luke and Han Hoth on most cardbacks,and will soon start pushing for Kenner counterparts for the Taun and Wampas.I am also going adding more production pieces to it,and maybe a small bit of pre production stuff-if its obtainable.I just love looking at Chris F's Han Hoth focus,and Brocs original Artwork for the Survival kit is amazing(BTW im after a boxed survival kit with all paperwork)

    The 49p sticker is something that i have wanted to do for ages but didnt want to start until my loft room was complete.There are other items available,and some with higher prices-AT-ST,Rancor and im sure ive seen a Slave one and AT-AT.However,i do have more mini rigs to pick up aswell.I may be in a minority,and overly nostalgic but the price tags really do give me that feeling.I can remember picking up two mini rigs and an 8 pack from Woolworths as a lad,and also receiving presents from my godmother who worked for Woolworths at the time.To me,they add a uniqueness,and a yesteryear feeling to the pieces and the collection in general.It also proves quite a task to track stuff down.Ive even seen a Trilogo Hoth Rescue and Ewok TRI playset pack with these stickers,and those items are rare in their own right.I would also hope to add an 8 pack sometime,but who knows when that will be?? ill settle for the empty bag with the price tag on it Anyways,this is a work in progress and id appreciate any help if any of you guys spot items with these stickers on.

    Thanks for the compliments guys,and also thanks for the honour of being included on the Chive Cast Skye.You and Steve are doing a blinding job buddy,and Sonny still loves it.It does get a bit too much when he wakes me up shouting 'Wampa,Wampa' some mornings though


    Vintage toys ,prop and autograph collector and Luton Town FC supporter.
    Also try to play guitar with the guy in my avatar as an inspiration!

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