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Thread: Recent Star Wars Acquisitions (Non-Through-The-Mail)

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    I really like the crazy colors for an alien-multi, nice.
    My feedback
    "They're sh*t." - Phil Tippett on Star Wars Blu-rays

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lex View Post
    I really like the crazy colors for an alien-multi, nice.
    I've always loved the eclectic mix of aliens, both int he cantina and in Jabba's Palace, and think the colours work well.

    I've just found out from a post that Corey Perry made here that Deep Roy most likely played Yoxgit on the Sail Barge, so I may have jumped the gun! Will try to add him asap.

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    does anyone happen to have alan harris address? I got a card I would like to get sign. thanks
    troy patterson

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    Alan Harris
    11 Exmoor Clo
    Basingstoke, RG22 5DD
    "What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me."

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    thanksvery much
    troy patterson

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    Las month I had the chance to meet a part of the Solo cast at Cannes in France. Joonas complete my "We are Home pic" and Donald gave me one of his first Lando graph

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    Good job on getting Glover, I know he’s a hard one to sign. Love the “we’re home” pic also!

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    As I'm writing this, a friend of mine is at the Con in Knoxville, TN and he scored me a Jeremy Bulloch autograph.
    "Evacuate? In our moment of triumpth? I think you overestimate their chances!"

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    I'm very happy to add this one to my collection:

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