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Thread: Latest Kotobukiya purchase(s)....

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    Took advantage of the 25% off coupon Barnes and Noble had last week and ordered the Yoda/R2-D2 two pack (and R-3PO but he's not here yet), it's a very nice set! I forgot to set Force Ghost Yoda in there for the shot but he's pretty neat too.

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    I now have the 1/7 ESB Yoda preordered, as well as the 1/7 Kylo Ren and Deathtrooper.

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    Got this a few months back, 1/10 ARTFX+ K-2SO:

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    very cool! nice pics!
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    just picked up a Cloud City Boba Fett & Darth Vader (Anakin reveal) from Barnes & Nobles today at lunch. Now if they would re-issue the Royal Guards I'd be set

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    Latest Kotobukiya purchase(s)....

    I just purchased my first ArtFx set, the 1/10 OT Snowtrooper 2-pack. I had seen these artfx sets a Barnes and Noble many times, but calling them a model kit made them sound extremely cheap and flimsy. Well a Gamestop in my area had this set on clearance for $19.99, so I figured I'd give them a try.

    I am floored with the detailing. They are dense vinyl and nothing like the cheap model kits that I associated them with. At roughly the same size give or take, I don't know why I ever bothered collecting the 6" Black Series figures.

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    Received the Rey/Finn ArtFx 2 pack this week via my LCS.

    The facial sculpts are fantastic!
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    Just bought the Millennium Falcon Sandwich shaper.

    A great little item that makes focus collecting fun and interesting.

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    Just recently picked up this trio

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    picked up Old Ben today at LCS. they were having an anniversary sale so I got him for $71

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