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Thread: SSC: 1:1 Jango Fett Bust

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    SSC: 1:1 Jango Fett Bust

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    Interesting although I wish they would make a PF Jango first.

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    I hope this isn't just a repaint of boba....

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    what would really make this is the option to have Jango wear the helmet or not. I think their 1:1 busts are well-done...but doing just a helmet wouldn't be enough to warrant the cost.
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    Holy cow! This is amazing
    HELP, I am looking for any alternate pictures of R2-X2 (stripes on dome), this droid is seen in Ep IV, during rebel briefing and being loaded into an X-Wing prior to Death Star Attack. <-for the feedback

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    The quality is nice but it's out of my range and I'd have prefered a Legendary scale bust with one arm like the Commander Cody Legendary scale.

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    OMG! That's awesome!

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