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Thread: FS/T - Red Kithaba, HK50, TSC Fisto

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    FS/T - Red Kithaba, HK50, TSC Fisto

    Hello guys !

    Following a couple of buys, I have some figures that I would like to sell/trade.

    - HK-50 TLC BAD - 12€ or trade Photo Archive
    Loose and complete (with gun)

    - Kit Fisto TSC MIB - 5€ or trade Photo Archive
    Card looks great, the bonus holofig is a red Luke.

    - Various BAD parts (will provide a list soon)

    Traded/sold figures :

    - Bastila Shan TVC MIB
    - Ahsoka Tano TCW44 MIB
    - Darth Revan TAC
    - Kithaba (Red Bandana) TVC MIB

    Additionnal info : I'm in France, so shipping anywhere in the world is okay, but might get expensive if only for 1 figure. I can also open the package in order to save on shipping.

    Payment via Paypal, normal (+4%).

    I can send pics to whoever is interested, but I do not know how to add one in this thread :/

    I'm willing to trade. This is what I'm looking for as a priority (MIB or loose complete with all accessories, and if possible cardback) :
    - TAC Romba & Graak
    - TLC Owen Lars
    - TLC Giran
    - TLC BAD R3-M3
    - BAD Dark Trooper Phase III
    - Comic Pack Ibtisam & Nrin Vakil
    - Comic Pack Darth Krayt
    - Comic Pack Stormtrooper & Blackhole Hologram

    I'm looking for a lot of other recent figs (TAC, TLC, TVC) and Comic Packs/Multipacks. Please contact me for further info.

    You can check my feedback on the link below.
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    A couple of precisions here :

    Please read carefully. The info I give are important as they define the quality and shape of the items. As people have different notions of what represents the scale of C-grades, I will be more than happy to give you all the precisions or pictures you need if you are genuinely interested in buying.

    I love when a transaction goes smoothly. I am more often in the position of the buyer than the seller, and I know that I want my purchases to be packed carefully. This means that I will take care of your items as if they were for me. I would not sell something that I would not be proud of having on my own shelves.

    As I stated, I am in France. This means that shipping to the USA commands a premium. Note that the prices are in Euros, and that it may be less advantageous for you ta take these items here as there are currency exchange fees. Custom fees can also apply on imported products. I can not be held responsible for these, please be aware of your country's restrictions.

    If we agree on a deal, payment must be made fast (48h). I will then ship any item in the same delay. However, I understand how real life can go in the way, and I believe that with good communication, we can always find a way to arrange any issue.

    I also apologize if I make an obvious mistake in my written English. I use English on a daily basis (both for work and entertainment), but it is not my first language.

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    I also have an Ahsoka Tano TCW44 (2 lightsabers version) on euro card.
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    If you're interested in something, I am open to reasonable negociations (don't waste my time by asking the Revan for 20€ though, I don't like being taken for a fool).

    I can also get you some of the last TVC figures that are available in an import store (all for 14.90€), so that you get more figs for the shipping cost (Kithaba both variants, Evazan, DSCommander, Nom Anor, Aayla, Bariss Offee, Gamorrean Guard, Rebel Fleet Trooper, and so on...).

    Please contact me if interested.

    Cost for shipping to USA is as follows :

    0 - 1 kg : 23.20€ (~6-8 figs)
    1 - 2 kg : 31.10€

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    TVC Kithaba (red bandana) added.

    TVC Bastila Shan and TCW Ahsoka Tano traded.

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    Up with prices lowered !

    Treat yourself with some new gifts for the new year !

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    And I added the LEGO Gashapon Part II that I brought back from Japan !

    Celebrate the fact that you avoided the Apocalypse !

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    TAC Darth Revan was traded.

    I removed the Lego Gashapon as I figured out a way to use these

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