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Thread: SSC General Grievious Bust - any bootlegs? Trying to avoid if so....

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    Question SSC General Grievious Bust - any bootlegs? Trying to avoid if so....

    So I dug up a site similar to Ebay that a seller has the SSC life-size bust of Grievious up for a low, and I mean "this can't be real" low price. Has there ever been any bootlegs produced of the SSC star wars busts?

    Any ideas on edition size for the SSC release? Trying to get the seller to answer some questions that might point to 'fake' or 'real'.

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    yes, there are known bootlegs of this. the seller is usually from China or Thailand.

    They usually sells them as "kits". They have done the same with the iron man bust and some vader buckets.

    Ebay knows all about this and has been told many times, yet they simply look the other way and continue to collect their fees...

    Here is an example:

    wondergarage-service | eBay
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    I've come across a few of those before. the vendor is out of italy and has an established 99% rating with constant sales. They say it's the bust NIB but I always lean to caveat emptor
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    well, if it was legit I wouldn't know. the seller never responded, even though the system showed they logged in a number of times. Guess it's back to scouring the interweb to find one!
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    Interesting - for a while there were Grievious busts on Ebay, now it's nothing and the web isn't providing any leads. Wonder what happened...
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