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Thread: Japanese Star Wars Classifieds: Sell

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    Japanese Star Wars Classifieds: Sell

    SELL - No retail advertisements, solicitations, or promotion of online auctions allowed.

    Rules are same as other threads.

    We do not have much space here, so do not use "Reply" to questioning or answered.
    Please use Private Message (PM).
    Please post only the item(S) you want to Sell.

    Thank you.
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    CJ Medallions

    Sold Thank you.


    425 obo, lmk
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    Takara R2 and Popy Luke

    Sold, Thank you!!

    Star Wars R2-D2 12b with b-type Takara sticker MOC sold
    Empire Strikes Back Popy boxed Luke bespin with 2 small catalog. sold
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    Takara MOC and LOOSE

    MOC Takara sticker Japanese Mold Stormtrooper

    Loose Takara Japanese Darth Vader
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    Takara and other Japanese items

    Takara R2-D2 eraser and sharpener MOC.Pencil

    sharpener, card is not mint, bubble has crack but item never been taken out.

    Sold!! Wow quick! Thank you.

    Takara R2-D2 Diecast Sold Thank you.

    Missing sticker otherwise never been used

    Medicom Sofbi Vader MIP. Sold Thank you.

    Kotobukiya Gold R2-D2 MIB. Sold Thank you.

    Takara walking R2-D2 out of baggie but never been used. Sold Thank you.
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    FT/ Takara Japanese Vader and Trooper for your upgrades

    1. Done. Thank you!
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    Star Wars Darth Vader Wind Up Tin Toy 1997 Osaka Tin Age SW002-1246 XX for sale

    Star Wars Darth Vader Wind Up Tin Toy 1997 Osaka Tin Age SW002-1246 XX - $200 + shipping
    This is a Darth Vader wind up tin toy made by Osaka Tin Toy Institute in Japan made in 1997. It is item number: SW002-1246. Vader stands 247mm tall. This key wind up tin toy has only been run a couple of times and has been stored in its box in a smoke-free home. It is in great condition and comes with all original packaging, papers, & box.
    From Osaka:
    • Walking powered by wind up steel motor
    • Vinyl head & hand with lightsaber
    • Lithographed & pressed tin plate body
    • Manufactured by Japanese veteran factory

    Click the picture below to see more pics of the wind up tin toy:
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