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Thread: Gentle Giant's MARVEL COMICS line

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    Gentle Giant's MARVEL COMICS line

    Surprised there isn't a thread for Gentle Giant's MARVEL products.....they are pumping out a lot of pics of upcoming far, only a few have been released.

    Not sure if we should do one thread for all of GG's MARVEL stuff or one per item....I am thinking one thread for all will work since this is mostly a SW forum.

    So...which of GG's MARVEL items are you most looking forward to?

    I already got the movie Captain America mini bust....

    But I'm looking forward to GG's other Captain America pieces....
    ...better get used to it, I'm still here and ain't going anywhere anytime soon.:p

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    I am also looking forward to the other Captain America piece as well.

    I just received the Black Widow "Winter Outfit" minibust from GG last night. Stunning!

    I have the regular Black Widow bust on pre-order.

    I'm not loving the Spider-Man bust coming out in support of the new movie. The base seems isn't doing it for me.

    My Marvel bust collecting is going to be pretty limited. I have a set of "Avengers" minibust making up the core characters and composed of a few different companies (Bowen, Koto, GG) at this point but I will not be going all out.

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    I have a few of these on preorder, but have yet to receive my first one.

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    They're also coming out with a Wolverine. Might pick this one up if I ever get into collecting Busts.

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    I am looking forward to seeing the Green Goblin mb. It might look good sitting next to my Amazing Spider Man issue #14.
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    The Black Widw minibust (Classic black outfit) from GG has been added to my Avengers display. Sorry about the crap photo.

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    D. Martin has added The Thing Mini Bust to the CTR Photo Archive:

    COOL TOY REVIEW: Gentle Giant Ltd. The Thing Marvel Mini Bust
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    I thought Rogue01 said there would be some Avengers related reveal today.....looking forward to it.
    ...better get used to it, I'm still here and ain't going anywhere anytime soon.:p

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    I keep checking today to see the new Marvel stuff too but nothing yet.

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