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Thread: Astromech Droid Focus Collectors

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    Can anyone tell me how hard it is to take apart this Sailbarge R2? I have to paint it but don't want to attempt to start taking it apart until I know a little more about the mold. Everything seems quite tight.

    Yikes. Sorry, BARF. No easy way to take any of the non-BAD 3.75" figures apart. The toros are all sonic welded, as are the domes. I've done it before w/ a G9 mold and a Saga-era R5, but both times the figures never went back together perfectly because you have to destroy them a little to get them apart. I used an x-acto to cut along the seams on the side of the torso, and the dome. Note that the blade will not cut all the way through. It's just to weaken the weld. Then I soaked it in scalding water for several minutes in hopes of weakening any glue and softening the plastic at the seams. Then I slipped a pair of needle nose pliers up through the middle leg hole in the body, and pulled apart with all my might. The figure eventually popped in half (and parts went flying, heh). When it was time to be put back together, I couldn't get the seams to look flawless again due to the nature of how it came apart.
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    Hey Astro-peeps! I have a couple extra rare, Japanese vinyl astromechs available for a short time. These are from the WCF 'Colordinate' series by Banpresto. C-3PO and Darth Maul deco. These particular "designer" astromechs were harder to come by than the standard film-accurate droids they made. Both are sealed. The dome is the only articulation point. No leg movement. They're meant to be displayed like a typical vinyl collectible. I included some pics for scale reference, as I'm sure some of you don't own any of the astromechs from this line. Larger than a standard scale figure. The box is somewhat large in relation to the figure. These will only be available for another 3-4 days, so if you're interested, please PM me asap!

    I can ship to the US and Canada. Sorry to my international friends, but I've had horrible luck with packages going "missing" in the past when I ship overseas. I'm asking what I paid for them: $10 each + shipping. $7.50 in the states, which includes tracking, or $15 CDN + $10 tracking (man, does the Canadian postal service screw people on tracking!!!)

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    Coming November 2018...

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    Pretty neat, might have to get that! ^
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    I'm kind of on the fence about it. It looks like it will be a cool book, but I have a shelf full of cool books full of interesting stuff. I also wonder if the information inside will be considered canon, or will be rewritten or ignored in the next movie... I would like a book full of behind the scenes and reference pics of the droids and ships and sets.. I loved the ship cross section books!

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    When it comes to 'mechs, I'm not that interested in the fictional lore, so will likely pass on that book. Well done art is nice, but nothing beats a never-before-seen set photo! Give me a book full of those and I'll buy one instantly!

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