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Thread: Astromech Droid Focus Collectors

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    Shooting in the dark here. Any one attending SDCC that would be willing and able to assist in me obtaining the BT-1 comic set?

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    I am hoping to acquire one at Fan Expo in Toronto later this year...
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    Bandai R4-I9 is up for preorder on BBTS for $22 arriving in December

    Rocket R2 is up for $25 arriving in October
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    hmm...a little disappointed we're only getting one droid per kit now. It's especially odd that they would throw in the drink tray for Artoo with the R4 kit. Many people will probably assume it's for R4, and then be confounded when it doesn't fit on him. lol I will probably skip the super-prequel Artoo w/ all the stuff sticking out of it, unlesss they've started painting the silver dome for us (down with swirly gray plastic!), but if not, it's a pass.

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