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Thread: Astromech Droid Focus Collectors

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    Yup. Very nice work. Big like.
    These ARE the droids we're looking for!

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    That looks fantastic!!! Did you just mask off the stripe? That's amazing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kk1 View Post
    He's there, that pic of his back I posted is just a screen grab from the movie. Watch when they are on their way to the Sarlacc when Leia is looking out the window at the skiff.
    Ah perfect. I love it when the droids I recreate have screen time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Astroworks View Post
    Just lovely! What Keith suggested some posts ago is that maybe the right "cheek" panel could also be red, due to its dark hue in th picture. I am not 100% sure about it, but it could be that way... What do you guys think?

    After playing around with the pic in photoshop, IMO it is not red. Just shadow with the panel edge reflecting light.

    Quote Originally Posted by Koth View Post
    Yup. Very nice work. Big like.
    Thanks, Koth.

    Quote Originally Posted by greedo737 View Post
    That looks fantastic!!! Did you just mask off the stripe? That's amazing!
    Yup. VERY carefully
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    That Bar-2 droid is looking great Barf, can't wait to see the finished pics!
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    Wow! Looking awesome, Barf, as ever your skill and technique are outstanding. Keep up the great work.

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    Reposting this information here

    I can report that I was able to call the number below and order both Chopper and the new Clone Wars Set using the item numbers provided. They've charged my card and they are on the way. I know these are still not available on the Shop Disney Parks App, but according to the girl I talked to, ordering by phone is not the same as the App.

    Super happy to think these will be in my collection soon. Good Luck to everyone else. I can't wait until I can take a trip down to rummage through the protocol droid bins !

    Disney merchandise hotline (877) 560-6477.
    Clone Wars set: 400000639703
    R3D0: 400000732862
    Chopper SW BYOD 400000677927

    Happy Hunting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathspawn9000 View Post
    Soooo... We seem to agree that most people like the old BAD legs with the wiring, but the new BAD torsos without the lower peg holes... OY!!!!
    NO ALL B.A.D. legs and bodies for that matter because they have those "shoulders" are wrong I hate the gap between the legs and body. The Best molds are the VOTC R2( with out the opening panel on the left side) and the R4-G9 though the head controlling the third leg kind of limits it.

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