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Thread: 12" Jumbo Vintage Kenner Death Star Droid Action Figure

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    12" Jumbo Vintage Kenner Death Star Droid Action Figure

    Now that we have evidence (with C-3PO) that the vac-metalization issue has been resolved by Gentle Giant, I suspect we'll see Death Star Droid unveiled at Toy Fair. I cannot resist... I'm drawn to that joker like a magpie to a Britt Diamond Ring.

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    I hope so. But, while I can see the payoff for GG on 3PO, I wonder if the DSD would sell enough to warrant the cost. I'd buy one for sure...

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    I think he'd be just as popular as any side droid, like R5-D4. I won't pay full price for either but I'd get them on sale for sure.
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    I was gonna start his own thread but I thought this one was good enough.. mabey a title change would be in order just to have a neat/organized board... anyway...


    He was one of my favorites as a kid because I love Black and Silver... and now he is HUGE. I think the only other figure I would be this excited about would be a redo of a Luke Stormie... never found him on the pegs as a kid and was really bummed about it cuz I loved the helmeted SW figs... just loved them.

    BRING IT ON GG... Im hooked now for sure. Have em all except the insanley priced ESB Stormie, Cloth Jawa and Big Head Han.... the latter of the 3 I will grab at the toy show out here next month.. Kane County Toy Fair...

    Thanks for starting my year out so well... GREAT START GREG!!!

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    Cool, these are looking better. I'd buy these if I could get nice undamaged packaging. Seems like I'm the only one...hmmmmm
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    Ya, this guy made me love this series again. Now just make a Bossk, IG88, Tie Pilot and Imperial gunner and all will be well in the universe again...

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    I've always loved this guy. Defines Vintage!

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    Got mine pre-ordered tonight through Gentle Giant.
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    Wow! This guy sure dropped out of nowhere. I didn't even receive a "heads up" email from GG this time. Is the Power Droid and Snaggletooth(s) far behind?

    Anyway, order placed. Man, when will I stop?

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