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Thread: Ninja Turtles 2012 - Present

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    Picked up a bunch of the MegaBloks blindbags because I have a weakness for that sort of thing. Really great little figures for $3 (while I've had no issues so far, the joints, specifically the necks, do feel a little fragile though so be wary). I ended up with each Turtle and an extra Mikey, a Kraang, a Foot Soldier, and a Jolly Rancher Shredder.

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    I am very anticipating the human version of Karai. As well as Armaggon.

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    I've been seeing the 'Secret of the Ooze' super-articulated classic deluxe legends figures (yep, that's what they're called, I swear) at Walmart recently. Does anyone know if they're the same molds as the first movie's wave? I missed out on those and thought these might be a fun alternative.

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    Yep, same molds with (multiple) new heads & a ton of accessories.
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    This really makes me hope we will see the Krang with his android body and the Classic Shredder from the cartoon. Very shocked Walmart got the newer ones from Secret of The Ooze.

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