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Thread: A Few Items For Sale-----CHEAP!

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    A Few Items For Sale-----CHEAP!

    I was doing some cleaning, and found a few items I didn't even know I had, and have no use for them. Prices include shipping in the continental US.

    Balrog Bust from GG-----$30
    Gandolf the Gray Bust from GG---$30
    Both for $50

    Indiana Jones Bronze statue riding a horse from GG PROMO------$125

    Luke Xwing Pilot Lego Maquette------$35 shipped

    Bossk CV Exclusive Maquette from Gentle Giant-----$55 SOLD

    Master Replicas Collector's Society Darth Maul Mini Lightsaber----$40 shipped in the US.

    All items have remained in their boxes, never displayed, and stored in a climate controlled environment. Some may even still be sealed, I haven't even checked.

    PM me if interested.
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