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Thread: FS: Custom Metal Plaques both Laser etched (color) and Printed(sublimation), 5yrs exp

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    FS: Custom Metal Plaques both Laser etched (color) and Printed(sublimation) since 2005

    As promised the other run is closed.....

    Here is the updated info...

    I now have the ability to do both PRINTED (sublimated) Plaques and LASER Etched Plaques. In the Laser I can do different color metals (including white), but not full color (yet).

    Fridays are my days off, so that is when they will get done and shipping will happen on Saturdays. I can do rush orders, so if time is a factor let me know.

    Samples will be emailed to you to look over and approve. Once you give me the ok I will make them. If there is a mistake after I make them (and you have them in hand) we split the difference for the replacement and you cover shipping.

    Now if they were damaged in transit or you are unhappy with them once they arrive please let me know and then send them back to me. I will do replacements free of charge (once they arrive back to me). That does not mean complain about them and never send them back to me to replace (I am all about making you happy, but I have seen some of the so called unacceptable plaques for sale after I replace them; which is why I require them back and also to learn from my mistakes). Shipping on returns is paid by the buyer and can be shipped the cheapest way (although do try and add some protection for them).

    All printed (sublimated) plaques (standard MR/EFX sizes) will be $15.00 plus shipping. Custom sizes are available up to an 8x10 (or as small as you want them).

    I have the following options (or a combination) these are the ones I have been doing for 5 yrs. now:
    White full color gold silver aluminum

    All Laser etched plaques (standard MR/EFX sizes) will be $20.00 plus shipping. Custom sizes are available up to an 18x20 (or as small as you want them).

    I have the following colors (to name a few ask if you want something else):
    Purple/silver text Black/silver text Black/gold Text
    Black/white text Green/ black text Green/Silver text
    Red/Black text Gold/ Black text Copper/ Black text
    Bronze/Black text Yellow/ Black text Blue/ Black text
    Aluminum/Black text White/Black text

    Shipping USA:
    For one plaque (standard sizes, larger ones will be more) is about $2.10 to ship using a bubble mailer after about four plaques it jumps to around $3.00 (USPS is always raising prices so this could change). I would prefer if I just shipped using a small flat rate box, everywhere in the USA is $5.30, and offers better protection and you can stuff up to 70lbs worth of plaques in it. Therefore, my preferred method is the small flat rate box. Nevertheless, it is up to the buyer.

    Shipping outside the USA:

    I will also ship using the bubble mailer for around $5.00 (Just about anywhere in the world but prices vary) the preferred method is to ship via small flat rate box
    , it does offer better protection and somewhat tracking with insurance. Current rate for most Countries is $15.50 (it varies slightly depending on country). Sorry the weight limit is on 4lbs worth of plaques. It is up to the buyer on which service to use (the cheaper option has some risk- but I heard it can be faster or as fast as the flat rate box).

    Payment options:
    PayPal is preferred and I already have the fees figured in (until they raise them again) so payment as gifts is not required. I also accept US postal Money orders, and checks on a case by case basis.
    My contact info


    Previous threads:
    Old RS thread

    Another RS Thread

    Old RPF Thread

    NEW PRODUCT---------MIL-STD (military standards) Equipment Tag

    Prices: Normal thickness (MR/EFX/Mine) $25.00; Super thin $22.00 (flexible) for the normal sizes (EFX/MR)
    Shipping : same as above

    Examples of printed plaques:

    Examples of laser etched plaques (few examples more to come):

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    Good luck with the sale my friend! I have quite a few plaques from you an they are awesome Too bad international shipping is a killer now...

    Here are some plaques you made for me:


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    Emailed you for two plaques. Thanks.

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    Free bump for an awesome guy and artistic master. Good luck on your sales bud! i may be hitting u up again soon!

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    Great work !! PM sent also :]
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    Thanks guys, last year was rough hopefully htis year will be better. pm replied too.

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    These plaques are excellent quality. I have purchased numerous over the past few years and every one has been spot on. Thanks Panther96. All the best for the future.

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    Have a couple coming, will share the the quality of the plaques with a pic when they arrive.
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    Good to see that you're still offering these, Kev. Hope all is well.
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