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Thread: Dath Vader Burger

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    Dath Vader Burger

    Excuse my spelling!

    I'm scared of this black bun-I GUESS this could be a food collectible but it it interesting nonetheless!

    This Black Bun Darth Vader Burger Looks More Awesome Than The Phantom Menace

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    Interesting is such a broad word. Don't type black buns into google though. It has NOTHING to do with Satr Wars!!!
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    Okay, I love weird food and that burger looks awesome! I wish like Carl's Jr. or someone would do that over here.
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    Strange. I think a big reason this wouldn't do well is people eat with their eyes. If people saw a burger with black buns they'd probably think "EW that looks gross and probably tastes burnt or stale, I don't want that!"

    Part of me thinks that's why the Black Jack Taco @ Taco Bell never came back. A lot of my friends were grossed out by the black shell.

    Still...this is strange, but I'm up for trying crazy weird food.
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    Not sure I could eat that with my eyes open. Just one more reminder that fast food is only barely REAL food...

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    With buns like that you know there Definitely not cooking medium rare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CadBane View Post
    With buns like that you know there Definitely not cooking medium rare.
    now that's funny!

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    Hey guys,

    French scummer here. Quick is a fast food company in Belgium/France. These burgers are a special operation due to the release of TPM 3D.

    There are 3 burgers : Dark Burger, Jedi Burger and Dark Vador Burger.

    I tried the Dark burger, and it wasn't bad, but nothing exceptionnal. It has a lot of pepper so the taste is spicy, but the sauce is nothing remarkable.

    The Jedi burger is not really good from what I heard. Not much taste, no spices.

    The Dark Vador burger will only be available from March 2nd to March 5th. For the people interested, you could go on this link, there was a special event to try it (in french) : - Dégustation du Dark Vador Burger de chez Quick
    There's only going to be 100,000 Dark Vador burgers available (250/Quick restaurant).
    They really had trouble finding a food additive to give the black coloration to the bun, since it had to stand being heated.

    There are also some toys given with the kids' menu. Boys get action oriented toys (Naboo Fighter, Droid fighter...) while girls get an Amidala-based collection.

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    Heading over to France this weekend to try it. If I die from food poisoning, tell my wife and kids I love them! (seriously though, I'll report back with a taste report...) - Where Nerds and Geeks unite!

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    This reminds of when I was a kid and I put food coloring in pancakes. Neon Blue vomit is so pretty

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