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Thread: GG Q&A Thread (back in business!)

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    I don’t like getting to the stage where I have to get blunt, I much prefer keeping things friendly & having someone to contact that actually talks to us, even if it’s just an acknowledgement & can’t tell us anything, we’ve all had that response from the previous reps on this page & we are all fine with that as it shows they aren’t ignoring us & actually taking the time to say something. Our current situation is the worst it’s been I think, made so by the new PGM format & the lack of it then happening as planned plus no answering questions on the Q&A section..., this is what the board is for after all & yet time after time we’ll get a comment on another thread but the thing we are all wanting to see replies to is ignored..., how are we excepted to be ok with that? Anyway, I’ve said my piece & await to see if GG want to improve the customer relationship or not.
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    GG is now a shadow of what they once were, I still remember the golden days but those days are so far away now.
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    Yeah, i`m also sad and angry about what became GG over the last 5-6 years.

    I started collecting in 2010 i guess(because of the Expanded Sith like Revan, Talon, Starkiller etc) , and that was
    a great time collecting busts from 2006 til 2012, healthy edition sizes (like Revan with 3850 or Jawas with 10 000) great characters choices with cool background characters like (Garindan, Hammerhead or Ree-Yees)
    and the pricing was also pretty fair with under 100€ for a quality bust.

    Now we have rising prices (150€/180$ in Germany), failed communication, false promises, strange characters choices, focussing on new (1/8)
    scales that doesn`t match with older collections and many other strange business decisions like the newer busts/statues i want (Ugnaughts,old Ben, Bib, Lobot, Revan) became PGM exclusives (which is fine, but why the hell they didn`t give the payment option to pay smoothly with paypal like everyone else in the business world does?), no new bust be announced while new Films hit (and already gone) the theaters and create demand for the characters that (if GG makes them at all)) hit retail at bests 2-3 years too late and on top of that multiple new lines of lil plastic stuff will come, that nobody really wants...

    I`m pretty done collecting GG, because i could tell a lot more reasons why it became nothing but frustrating collecting GG stuff these days, but it would
    be only a waste of time and energy...and i gladly would love to enjoy the ride of collecting GG again...

    Final words: Congratulations, the Gentle Giant has successfully disassemble itself...and that makes me sad...again or still?
    (spoiler:couln`t say for certain!)
    (time to jump out of the "circle of constant dissapointment" i think, like many many GG collectors before...)
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