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Thread: Reflection '11 & Collecting Goals for 2012

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    Reflection '11 & Collecting Goals for 2012

    It's that time of year for one of our annual traditions! The yearly reflections and upcoming goals discussion! For those of you who are new, each year we discuss whether we were able to accomplish any of the major goals we set for ourselves at this time last year and what goals we'd like to set for the coming year. Here is last year's thread for everyone's reference:

    Much like 2010, 2011 was also a year of significant ups and downs. Here are my goals from last year:

    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Turgeon View Post

    2011 goals include:
    -Getting back on my feet so i can keep playing in the hobbies i love so much!
    -Having a great time with everyone who comes up for my show this year. Sounds like a solid contingent thus far!
    -Buy more comic art!
    -Finish off those Mexican and Canadian exclusives sets (for the 5th year in a row haha)
    -Find the last two Dunkin Spain Thall Joben colours i need.
    I don't think i did very well haha.

    Got on my feet a little bit and pretty much lost all ground again. C'est la vie. That all said, i did manage to make some great deals work out and landed a few nice new additions, even if some of them likely won't arrive before the year is out.

    Had a great time at the show. Smaller group of people came than expected but we had a lot of fun! Also had two great visits from Roganjohn over the summer which were easily a highlight of the year!

    I did manage to buy a few pages of comic art, most notably the two pages from Old Man Logan i'd been dreaming about for over a year before i was finally able to acquire them. Also got a new Snake Eyes cover as well.
    Wolverine #69 pg 23, 24 Old Man Logan, in Shane Turgeon's Comic Art: Superhero Comic Art Gallery Room
    Robert Atkins GI Joe Snake Eyes #5 Cover, in Shane Turgeon's Comic Art: GI Joe Comic Art Gallery Room

    No luck on the Mexican figures this year but i did manage to get a piece for my Canadian exclsuive GI Joe run. I picked up a VERY rare Sears Canada 3 pack box, which is likely only the second known example in the world.

    No luck on the two different Dunkin Thall Joben figures from Spain and i suspect there may be a third colour i now need to track down too.

    2012 goals include:
    -continue striving to get back to a better place personally and financially
    -start building my collection room should the first goal come to fruition
    -simply pick up a handful of pieces that really interest me over the coming year. No real goal per se, but just to find something i'd like to have is a feat these days so as long as a couple goodies come my way, i'll be content.
    -hope against hope that some of the items i've been searching for years for (namely Mexican and Canadian GI Joe pieces and the Spanish Thalls) come my way.
    -catching up with everyone at C6 in Orlando and making that our biggest and best tattoo event to date!
    Shane Turgeon
    Author: The Force in the Flesh

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    I always love this thread. It's really fascinating to go back and see what i thought the year was gonna be like and then eat whatever words i said. :dejection:

    My goals for last year:

    Quote Originally Posted by dylbacca View Post

    I guess we'll see what 2011 brings. I'd like to spend a lot less, maybe pick up some Uzay, and possibly a pre-production item here or there. I'd like to sell a lot of random stuff that i've picked up here and there, but i know how time consuming that will be.
    I did pick up some uzay, and a few preproduction pieces. Didnt sell off all that i wanted to, but plan to make january and february massive sell off months. Did i spend less money? Fail again.

    Picked up a few more bootlegs here and there, but all in all, a pretty fun year of collecting!

    For 2012, i actually have some pretty specific goals for the first time in awhile:

    1. Really would love to find a Hammerhead first shot to complete a first shot cantina run
    2. Hopefully find a few more polish deluxe yodas
    3. Really would love to lock down a Bossk first shot or preproduction figure of any kind
    4. Continue the quest for some of my polish anart wants
    5. Maybe pick up a carded uzay or 2
    6. Not pass up any great opportunity i might come across
    7. Sell everything i did not look at last year

    I think that sums it up for me. As i mentioned last year, i wanna wish all my fellow scummers a happy new year and a bountiful 2012 for all of your collections.

    Best, dylbacca

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    I think mine are the same as they always are - enjoy my collection, meet new people, and hopefully find some cool pieces along the way. I have been VERY fortunate
    to acquire some significant pieces for my collection this year, but at the same time I've been buying little things (oddball items, pins, etc), and I am finding just as much
    happiness in these areas of the hobby as I do in the toy/pre-production areas. (and it's much cheaper to boot!! Collecting fun and happiness, on a budget ?? Say it ain't
    so )
    To that end, I wanted to specifically thank Todd Chamberlain ( & "poptoys" on ebay) James Gallo ( & "jgallo" on ebay) - this is
    NOT a commercial advertizement !!! These are my own personal opinions) They are rock solid collectors and dealers, and both have went well out of their way for me on
    my never ending search for my bizarre and PITA Vader requests. People ask me all the time for referrals, and guys like Todd, James, Andy L., James B. make it easy - they
    are all professionals, and it's a worry free part of my collecting life. When so many people have ebay horror stories, it's nice to know you have a few people that are always
    rock solid, reliable resources.
    I also want to thank Pete Vilmur who constantly fields all manner of questions and ideas I seem to come up with through the year. He is a walking encyclopedia of SW knowledge,
    and it means a lot to me to have such a resource available to help me out when I need it. Not to mention opening my eyes into other areas of the SW world which I have found
    to be just exciting as other items I collect. So it's really a fantastic feeling to say after all these years, I'm even more excited today that when I started.

    What do I want for 2012 ?
    ~ I would really like to feel better health-wise. I've been dealing with issues from a serious accident which took place over 5 years ago, and even for me and
    my patience level, it's wearing a little thin.
    ~ Hopefully find one or two cool pieces for my collection, maybe even a grail piece I've been locking on for a while now. (don't ask .. I'm not telling )
    ~ This is specifically for the RS Vintage Community. There has been a lot of negativity, and caustic behavior here. I would really like to see people just take a step
    back, deep breaths, and simply enjoy the hobby for what it is. We are supposed to be having fun here, and having progressive open dialogues. It doesn't put off only
    some of the newer people, but some of the older members have had their fill as well. I just want to see the fun and excitement flowing again

    ~ Oh yea, and everyone needs to sell me their Vader stuff ... I'm in a rut lately

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    I don't really have "collecting goals" as of about 2006. I just go with the flow, and if something comes along that I could use then I'll do my best to pick it up at a fair/good price that the seller and myself are happy with at the end of the day.

    My main "goal" would be to do more selling between now and spring time. In general though, I'm content with my collection and don't really need to add to it.

    I'd also contend that "setting collecting goals" sets up the collector who is setting goals to be potentially let down (over the course of weeks/months searching for a particular something, in a desired state of condition). If there aren't any goals set (short or long term), then there won't be any later let down/ disappointment. In a nut shell, its psycology at work here. If your goal is to get your 12-back run from all C7 condition to C8+ condition, over the course of a year or so, then that is a realistic- doable goal (given you have set aside enough money per week/month). However if your goal is to have every vintage store display in C8 or better condition, starting from scratch, and accomplish that goal in even 5-8 years, welll good luck to you.
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    Looking back at my 2011 goals I was pretty much on track. Some life changes had caused me to revamp my focus lines but I still maintained to add a ton of stuff to my Mexican/SA bootleg collection. I pretty much sold off all my modern stuff as well as my prototypes (vintage/modern), artwork and pre-production stuff like I wanted. I still haven't been able to find one of my main Mexican grails, a mini-Jabba, so that once again will be my main priority. I did some rethinking of my bootleg collection and even sold off a few lines of that that I don't plan on completing anytime soon, so I used that money for more Mexican goodies. I did really well with a bunch of old Mexican three-packs and loose figures this year, finally got my yellow Snowtrooper, white Chief Chirpa, dark blue Snowtrooper, a couple Hans and a couple more Fetts off my want list among many others... and even a ship.

    As for 2012== Unfortunately, beginning the start of the year I won't be around very much due to new career goals but will be quietly buying up Mexican/SA's as I see them from a few good contacts. That's literally about it. My main want list:
    White Fett
    White Ree-Yees
    Luke X-Wing
    Prune Face
    Han Trench Coat
    Yellow AtAt Driver
    Yellow Leia

    We'll see how I do at the end of 2012, LOL.
    Steven A. Weimer

    "Only a bootleg collector would be happy with a 1 armed prune face that looks like it has passed through the family pet " - Joshua_A

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn_K View Post


    1. Early Bird Mailer

    2. Refocus more attention back to the character focus.

    3. Get some more items cased/framed and maybe another cabinet or two.
    Boy how time flies.

    1. Found a Early Bird Mailer locally. I've since got 3 of the 4 sealed baggies. Just need a DT Luke to complete the set.

    3. Picked up a 79a, finally found a ROTJ-A baggie that Id been hunting for awhile, 70c Trilogo, Montgomery Wards 3 Pack Box, NSW Luke, and certainly one of the highlights was the Luke Jedi First Shot Torso Head Pull test

    3. Upgraded my displays to Ikea Billys. Got cases for my EB envelope, EB mailer (Thanks to some friends), and am caught up on my MOCs.

    Bonus: Started an unintentional, but very fun "Force Lightsaber" side focus that began with a Cromalin about a year ago. Over 2011 I picked up an unused red version, Green Hanger version, store display, and press photo. I've also just paid off a Revenge Proof sheet to go with the display that should be here by the end of the year.


    1. Find that DT Luke baggie

    2. Luke: find some more foreign items and it'd be great for another preproduction item like a cromalin or another proof.

    3. Complete my basic Droids coin set with Boba.

    4. Have a blast with friends at CVI and try to save up some spending money.

    5. Finally get some pieces framed that I've been meaning to do.

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    I really had only two real goals and one pipedream goal in 2011:

    1. Complete Offerless 65-back run...did pretty good on this one. I am literally down the last figure. If anyone can come up with a offerless 65 back Rebel Soldier, I would pay handsomely and be enternally grateful!

    2. Complete Polish Unarticulated set...this one is complete.

    3. Complete set of the 10 "most iconic items" from each film...I've made some progress on this, but didn't think I'd really complete it. I'm hoping to pick up some of the bigger ticket items from this list at CVI.

    Here's the list:


    1. No brainer, the 65 back Rebel Soldier is tops on my list. Could also use a non-AFA Rebel Commander and a Nice Jawa as a condition upgrade.

    2. Make some progress on my new bootleg goals of Polish 1st Gen and Hungarian Sets

    3. Would like to track down some of the more esoteric items like Yoda hat with ears, Bradley R2/3PO Clock, etc.

    4. As mentioned by a couple of others, upgrade from Star Cases to nice plexiglass cases. Would really set off the collection IMO.
    My collection
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    I've been waiting for this thread to start!

    My goals from last year:
    Continue to meet other collectors! Takara variant Storm Trooper and Darth Vader Vinyl Cape Jawa R5-D4 Proof Card Yellow or Green The Force Lightsaber Takara Transforming X-Wing Remaining Takara Zetca figures Loose Glasslite R2
    I'm happy to say that I've definitely met more collectors -- more on this below. On the toy front, I landed the Transforming X-Wing ("landed"... see what I did there?), and got a Glasslite R2 and both the yellow and green Force Lightsabers. I also expanded my Zetca run, though I'm still missing two of the little buggers. Mostly, though, I ended up pushing my collecting in some really fun and unexpected directions:

    I've built a neat Power Droid run that includes four proof cards and a first shot
    I added a first-shot Probot and QC ESB Sensorscope R2 to my small pre-production collection
    Got the rare Takara lightsaber and some other Japanese pieces
    Mike Ritter hooked me up with ceramic R2/R5 salt and pepper shakers
    Bought some Micro playsets, and I managed to pick up one of Josh Blake's excellent replica Bacta Chamber prototypes.
    Finally got a nice Sonic Controlled Landspeeder

    Some of my favorite pick ups were film-related:
    Screen-used piece of the ANH Death Star (Definitely a dream come true!)
    Cast/Crew patches: McQuarrie-logo Star Wars and ESB "Vader in Flames"
    ESB Coasters: ESB Logo, and round, metallic R2
    Original SW/ESB/Black Falcon stationary
    ESB chrome Wrap Party Invite
    Set-used ESB Visitor's Passport
    A cassette with sound-designer Ben Burtt's autograph (I'm a sound-design nerd)

    But perhaps the biggest change in my relationship with the hobby came with production on my documentary "Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys." When I started collecting, I had no idea that I'd eventually find myself criss-crossing the country to speak with a wide -- and wild! -- assortment of collectors, experts, toy fans, and former Kenner employees. I've had the opportunity to see some amazing collections, and extremely rare toys and prototypes. Along the way I've learned so much about the hobby. Most importantly, I think I've made some great friends -- and when this whole crazy project is finished, I'm pretty sure that'll be what I look back upon with the most fondness. (If the film doesn't kill me first, of course.)

    It's hard to set goals for the coming year... If I've learned anything, goals are meant to be abandoned and new adventures in collecting are meant to be embraced! That said, I suppose there are a few things I'd like to accomplish:

    First and foremost -- finish the film in time to release it at Celebration!
    Get that silly R5 Revenge proof. I had a chance to do so but passed in order to get something else.
    Add to my Power Droid run. Anyone have the proofs I'm missing?
    Find a few random Japanese pieces that don't seem to want to be found. They can't hide forever!
    Find more cast/crew items, advance screening passes, etc.
    Get another prop from ANH (or possibly ES. I can dream...
    Did I mention that I want to finish the film on time?

    Phew! I never realized I'd have this much to say about my collecting at year's end!
    Hi, my name is Brian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fanboy View Post

    continue my new direction of collecting all the iconic non-kenner items out there.
    possibly sell off some of the scout collection to fund other things.
    get myself an original style A and style D one sheet.
    build a luke skywalker ANH lightsaber from the actual vintage found items.
    still on the lookout for the VC jawa and orange farmboy.
    it's always interesting to see where my head was a year ago. i've purchased a few items for the non-kenner star wars collection, but not a lot. i sold off my entire biker scout focus collection. could never pull the trigger on either poster release. same with the lightsaber, that graflex gets expensive. and still hunting an affordable VC jawa and trying to spot an orange luke that isn't noticed by everyone else.

    continue to slowly add to the non-kenner star wars focus.
    still would like that style A or style D one sheet.
    still would like to build the vintage lightsaber.
    continue looking for the VC jawa and OJ luke.
    sell off parts or all of other collections that distract from my main focus of star wars and vinyl.
    add more star wars vinyl.
    get a star wars tattoo.

    cheers to a wonderful 2012!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharp View Post
    1. Complete my set of unpainted production Micro Collection figures.
    2. Complete my set of 3-Pack Special Offer backdrops (have Sandpeople, need other three)
    3. Avoid, for one more year, starting a POTF Coin collection.
    4. Pick up a MISB/NRFB Dewback
    5. Acquire a set of the Heritage figures
    6. Cajole an old friend out of one of his two Death Star pieces
    Thinking about making 2011 an easy, relaxing year collecting-wise, I managed to go in the other direction and knock off several of my goals. I grabbed my Dewback, picked up a set of Heritage figures with the blue case, snagged another Special Offer backdrop, and made some progress on my set of unpainted Micro Collection production figures. That being said, I failed to avoid assembling a POTF coin set. I got the itch about February, bought a Skiff coin, and finished the set about a month ago!

    So, 2012....

    1. I'm still looking for four Special Offer backdrops: 2 from the 3-Packs and 2 from the die-cast vehicles.
    2. Finish my unpainted Micro Collection production set: 5 more to go!
    3. Pick up a few MIMB/NRFB vehicles and playsets. I've reconfigured my collection room a bit and have a bit more room.
    4. Attend Celebration VI and hang out with some of you guys. My plans last go-around were cut short at the last minute.
    5. Snag a vinyl ROTJ action figure case.

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