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Thread: UK Findings and Buyings Thread

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    My nearest Entertainer had the full wave of figures except Revan and Sabine.
    Will keep checking for any re-stocks.
    Star Wars fan since 1977.

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    Checked out TRU in Pompey today, first time I've been there for a month or so. The SW section has been significantly reduced in size, in fact the whole store looks pretty empty, definitely a sign of their decline, although I don't believe this store is closing.

    Lots of 3.75" figures, only one Luke (Jedi Exile), one Leia, and one Palpatine. A few Flametroopers and lots of DJ.
    Some serious peg-warming going on with Rose, Hux, Yoda & 3P0 - not looking good for the future of SW in the UK.

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