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Thread: UK Findings and Buyings Thread

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    I had a look last week and there wasnt anything I was interested in. They must have sold off all the Jedha Revolt 4 packs, shame I missed that. Anyone know how much they went for?
    Most wanted figures: Vedain, Luke Bespin (Beatup version), Fozec, Taym Dren Garen, Sim Aloo

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    My Tesco has a few of the R1 4 packs for sale. I think they were asking £20.
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    Tesco had the "Scariff" Four pack, Death Trooper, Shore Trooper Commander, Pao and Moroff. Effectively the 2 packs but with different deco's
    Wanted: VINTAGE COLLECTION: C-3PO. Still got a Vinage Wedge & Gammy to trade.

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