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Thread: UK Findings and Buyings Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJapes View Post
    For anyone at a loose end this evening, TPM is half an hour in on Sky One...
    Feel, don't think. Use your instincts

    noticed sainsburys finally have that 5 pack half price at 17.99, with Chewie, kylo, BB-8 , rebel trooper and storm trooper , not that any one really wants it now !

    I have spotted wave 3 5poa in Sainsbury's and Tesco down here, but both troopers - death and shore - are rarities, usually a bunch of jyn and bhodi with some Leia, kylo etc

    omly good find - NEW Force Attax! I am a sucker for those cards!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darthkalkylen View Post
    Got them! Cheers for the heads up mate!
    You're welcome, Sir. Just doing my duty as a fellow collector.
    Not spooky, just stinky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleWizard View Post
    They had Nien Numb, First Order Stormtrooper Squad Leader, Sidon Ithano and First Mate Quiggold, and the usual five million captain Zuivos
    Definitely worth a look then, thanks. Time for a trip to B&M.
    Wanted: VINTAGE COLLECTION: C-3PO. Still got a Vinage Wedge & Gammy to trade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lordpercy View Post
    I hate to mention Very as some people are very anti the catalogue type shops BUT they are currently showing as having the Jedha Revolt 4 pack as being in stock @£29.99 (same price as Forbidden Planet)
    Also going to be available at toys R us @£29.99.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJapes View Post
    It's one of my locals! It's been mainly Chewies and Lukes there for ages, but on Thursday I picked up two Scarif Troopers from there myself. Corby Asda tends to be more reliable if you find yourself round this way again.
    Thanks for the heads up, I forgot to say I did actually pop in at Corby Asda as well!! I was staying in Weldon and thought I'd drop by a few local stores on my way through to Milton Keynes - Corby did have a couple of R1 plus I think some Ceremonial Leias? Your area is much better stocked than my way, but maybe they're gradually moving south?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by blowtorchscorch View Post
    Also going to be available at toys R us @£29.99.
    Ordered from Very. Shipped to a local store for free, for pick up tomorrow. Nice.

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    Also both Southampton and Basingstoke Asda had BS 3.75 in yesterday. I took most of the troopers (sorry, they're my kryptonite) but Jyn, Cassian and Akbars were in plentys.
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