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Thread: Jawascrumps Jawa stairlight

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    Jawascrumps Jawa stairlight

    Here is my Jawa focus to date. I have been scrumping these since February 2010. My first Jawa MOC came from my great friend Caswellbot, since then I have been gathering them from RS, SWFUK, eBay and various private sales. I have had help from various people- from friends sending links to auctions to friends all over the world helping me with shipping.
    So amongst others thank you to Caswellbot, Darth Stanley, DarthBerizing, Tigerham and lastly my very patient Fiancé, Hannah.

    I am hoping to set up a permanent display of my Jawa focus over Christmas. I thought I would post this in time for next months ‘Chivecast

    I am still looking for the easy to find POTF, I also want a 79 back Jedi and a 20 back Fett offer SW.
    I would love add a Revenge Proof and a baggied example too!

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    Great Jawa collection, thanks for sharing and don't forget to post, when you have them on permanent display.

    I don't see a standard loose figure, isn't it fine enough for the company of it's vinyl caped and Lili-Ledy counterparts . Imo, you should also add the lose potf variation with smooth / silky cape. The cape is very different from the standard crepe cloth cape. Like the 12'' vinyl cape, those are a neat tribute to the vintage figures. Do you also plan to ad the cloth cape version and the vintage 12'' Java?

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    Love the jawa collection, one of my favorites!!!

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    Excellent run. I love the Tri Logo Jawa the most. Just for a second I thought I was seeing things when I saw a giant Jawa standing next to the other figures. :-)
    Some where in the Outer Rim Territories...

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    cool. love the big Jawa
    My collection
    "There is allways a bigger fish" Qui Gon Jinn

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    Very cool setup you have there. I guess the Trilogo Jawa was the hardest to find one, right?

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    that is an awesome little focus there. the trilogo looks to be in great shape too.
    my feedback

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    Thank you for your kind words everybody.

    I do have a run of loose jawas (numbering about 40 at last count) with lots of interesting cape variants. My favourite being the early rough coat with large hood- Kenner did a great job with that figure- it captures the jawa just perfectly.

    As for the jumbo jawa it is an awesome figure, the quality of the paint app is first class. They did a great job of the cape too. I did have a cloth cape version on order but I cancelled it- I am not keen on the look of the cape at all. I think it's been modelled on a palitoy/ potf variant with the smooth cape. I really hoped it would be the first version with rough cape.
    I do have a 12" jawa at my office which hasn't made it home yet!

    By far the toughest to find (and pay for!) was indeed the Tri logo Jawa. I sold off a chunk of my collection to fund it. It actually one of the most expensive thing I have bought in my life so far (I have spent less on cars in the past :boxing

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    Wow, great collection, and it's coming together fast.I really like your clipper 77-back and i can't wait to see your display.

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    Superb Stairlight Ed! Congratulations buddy. Its been great watching it come together. Keep the momentum up and I look forward to seeing it go from strength to strength!

    All the best!

    Looking for any Vintage 3 Pack Special Action Figure Set related items: Production or Preproduction!

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