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Thread: Winter 2011 finds

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    Winter 2011 finds

    found the target vintage vehicles and search for luke at target on roosevelt

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    Anyone have a target near that has the battle pack with Captain Rex & clones called "the hidden enemy" I am looking for one. My targets only have the "hostage crisis" battle pack.

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    Anyone else finding that the Target stuff is the ONLY new product on the shelves?
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    Target has the hostage crisis & hidden enemy battl packs I finally got both they were $6.24 each. That is a deal if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DagMarus View Post
    Anyone else finding that the Target stuff is the ONLY new product on the shelves?
    Yep pretty much.

    Anyone still need the EE exclusive comic packs?
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    It has trully forced me to online reatilers for most of my goods. I walk in and if they are restocked, it is two or three waves earlier. I think hasbro needs to come in and reset the aisles for christmas. Of course, they are doing bad distribution around the holidays and not having alot of product coming out. And these repack/mixed sets, are not good to have delivered. Let's be honest...VTC is collector based, not kid based. They don't need to keep releasing fett and vader all the time.

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    I've been collecting since the POTF2 launch in 1995 and this is the absolute worst time that I can ever recall. I haven't seen any of the last 3 vintage waves and I'm behind about 20 clone wars figures. Pitiful.

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    What area are you in, Chairman? I've seen almost every single figure in the stores, never had to deal with online stores when I was collecting(though I did start to for ease around 30th anv)... but now, I don't even collect and I still see everything. Do you hunt around, or stick to just your local stores. It's funny, reading peoples finds and knowing people around the US, heck around the world and how different areas are. I can spit in any direction and hit a Walmart, Target, TRU, even Kfart(okay, only 3 directions on that one)... but it's hard to believe people still can't find anything.

    Post your area, maybe people can give a better idea when they see something pop up around there.. or you can always meet up with other scummers and help eachother out. That's what we do with the CTF, with a large group spread out from Wisconsin, out to Aurora, up near north Chicago, down to the Joliet area, it's hard not to run into stuff for people.

    I always thought that's what the boards were about, people helping eachother out... hopefully that'll happen, just be vocal and maybe others will follow and point you in the right direction.
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    I'm in Joliet but I hunt Plainfield, Glendale Hts and Downers Grove too. I usually have no time to hit more than 1 or 2 stores a day but it's been the same story for about 6-7 months now. I'm really suprised people are finding things as I've seen nothing but the same wave 5 vintage stuff hanging around for ages now. I can't even fathom walking into a store a seeing something from any of the last 3 vintage waves sitting on the pegs. Is there a second Star Wars aisle that I don't know about lol?
    Anyway if some one see's any of the last 3 vintage waves hollar out. I will too.

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    I just saw stuff in the Romeoville and Lemont Targets. The newer waves with Hoth Trooper, Slave Leia, and the Super WM in Lockport got some too. Hope that helps.
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