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Thread: My wife's missing toys

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    My wife's missing toys

    My wife wasalways mentioning that she had some toys similar to my Kenner figures when shewas small. But she assumed that she had lost those.
    Today she cameback home with two figures. My mother-in-law found those in her house and gaveback to my wife.
    My wife’s favoritetoys happens to be Turkish Bootleg UZAY Series SURUCU(AT-AT Driver) and SAVAS PILOTU (TIEFighter Pilot) . They are not in desired condition thus they now in mycollection. Nice to have pieces with a good back story.
    My OriginalKenner AT-AT Driver and my wife’s UZAY Surucu

    My OriginalKenner TIE Fighter Pilot and my wife’s UZAY Savas Pilot

    Ohh honey,you should have kept those in card.

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    Cool! I'm not much of an expert on Vintage figures, let alone bootlegs and foreign production runs.

    Damn good backstory though! Heh heh, love seeing things like this.

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    Nice find!

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    Good on her Mum for not throwing them away. Always nice to find childhood toys I reckon the memories of them as a child is why most of us collect as adults so to have your actual toys that gave you those fond memories would be special.
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    That's a $250-$300 or so find these days between the two figures. Pretty nice work.
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    I think that this would classify as priceless. Great story and don't sell them for anything!
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    I am not planning to sell them. 250-300 Usd prediction is so optimistic because they are not in great condition. What would be then the price of Uzay Chewbacca I have and it is in a very good condition?

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    Anyway back story of those is important, therefore they will stay in my display.

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    the 250/300 estimate is because of their condition...LOL The Chewie if with original weapon $300 to $450 depending on the climate (ie how many people are looking for a loose Uzay Chewie at the time)


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    The weapon is original.
    i think I should grade these figs.

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