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Thread: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

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    My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    Well, after far too long of a wait I have finally decided to share images of my focus collection with everyone. As many of you all know, my major focal points are the vintage Preschool and plush Ewok product lines. However I also like to pick up oddball Ewoks & Droids items as well and I have decided to share those too. At this point I have decided not to include any of my items from the basic Kenner action figure lines as I figured this was a good enough start

    My main reasoning for holding out so long on a full limelight was the unfortunate fact that all of my stuff has been packed away and not on display. Since it does not look like it will be getting displayed in the near future and I had some spare time on my hands, I decided to take the opportunity to go through everything and photograph a bunch of it. It was a great experience and I came across a few items that I had forgotten about. There are a few items missing that I was unable to locate in the sea of boxes, but I know they are somewhere...The German Wicket and Kneesaa dog chew toys are among these. Once I locate them along with other items, I will be sure to add them. I also plan on keeping this thread up to date and will be adding new items as I pick them up.

    My collection is by no means anywhere near complete. I am missing production items and I know there is A LOT of preproduction stuff out there. If anyone has any Preschool or plush items taking up space or if they just don't fit in with the rest of your collection anymore, please let me know. Also, any information or points in the right direction towards items for my focus would be greatly appreciated.

    Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me out over the years with my focus. Either selling/giving me items, alerting me when a piece hit the market, or helping me identify/authenticate is all very much appreciated. So a HUGE THANKS to my good friend Steve, Todd Chamberlain, Andy Loney, James Gallo, Chris Georgoulias, Ron Salvatore, James Boryla, Tom N, Michael Mensinger, Joe Y, Tracey Hamilton, Bill Wills, Micro Rob, Rob Musco, Joe O, Mattias, Todd DeMartino,, Todd Hudson, Chris_J, Joshua_B, gravitydamage, Brad P, Sabresedge and anyone else I may have missed. If I have forgotten anyone, I am sorry, it is not intentional

    I know ewoks do not get a whole lot of love, but I hope that you all enjoy taking a look at the collection that I have put together over the years. So here we go...

    Production Preschool Items (United States)

    Woodland Wagon, Firecart, Talking Telephone w/ Talk to Wicket Sticker, Electric Toothbrush, Music Box Radio, Teaching Clock, Family Hut w/ Ewok Adventure Sticker

    Sit N Spin, Give-A-Show projector, Give-A-Show theater.

    Production Preschool items (Europe)

    Woodland Wagon, Firecart, Talking Telephone, Electric Toothbrush, Music Box Radio, Teaching Clock

    Production Preschool items (Australia TOLTOYS offer not valid sticker)

    Electric Toothbrush, Firecart

    Preschool Promotional & Advertising Items

    Promotional Display Kit, Magazine advertisement page, Pack-in Catalog

    Preschool Artwork

    Original Art for the Give A Show Projector Box

    Original Art for the Sit'n Spin Alternate Logo

    Kenner Wicket the Ewok presentation board with velcro on the back. Unknown if it was used internally or at Toy Fair.

    Preschool Photography

    Family Hut 8x10 promo photo

    Slides of preproduction versions of the Woodland Wagon and Firecart.

    Slides of the concept art for the Talking Telephone and Teaching Clock.

    Preschool Proof Sheets

    Woodland Wagon Proof, Talking Telephone Proof

    Sit N Spin Decal uncut proof sheet with adhesive backing.

    Preschool First Shots

    Group Shot of unpainted First Shots

    Baga FS with production figure, Paploo FS with production figure.

    Latara FS with production figure, Kneesaa FS with production figure.

    Gwig FS with production figure, Zephee FS with production figure.

    Wicket Firefighter FS with production figure, Kneesaa Firefighter FS with production figure.

    Firecart barrel FS in non production color.

    Paploo SHORT SHOTS. Dented butt, Flat back & Hole in back.

    Production figures in heat sealed bags.

    Preschool Internal Sample Playsets

    Family Hut Engineering Pilot. Box has never been taped on top. Cardboard insert has "1st EP" written on it and is cut different than the insert that came with production pieces. Toy itself is the same as the production piece, but has "1" and "Sunday Morning Special" written inside the dome. No clue what that means. Originated from a solid and trusted source and can be traced back to a Kenner Engineer. Production insert photo can be seen below for comparison.

    Family Hut Quality Control sign off sample

    Production Plush Ewoks (United States)

    1st release straight text/round tags

    Kneesaa, Nippet, Wiley, Leeni, Mookie

    2nd release round text/round tags

    Wicket, Kneesaa, Nippet, Wiley, Leeni, Mookie

    3rd release square tags

    Latara, Paploo, Wiley, Mookie

    Gwig w/ correct tag, Gwig w/ Malani tag, Malani w/ correct tag, Malani w/ Gwig tag

    Production Plush Ewoks (Department Store Mailer Baggies)

    Nippet, Wiley (straight text), Wiley (curved text), Wicket (straight text), Wicket Curved text (front & back), Kneesaa.

    Production Plush Ewoks (Foreign NON Trilogo)

    Wicket THE EWOK (Canada)

    Wicket Pink Tag (Europe), tag close-up, Nippet yellow tag (Europe), Wiley blue tag (Europe)

    Wicket "Peluche" tag (France), Tag close-up, Nippet "Peluche" tag (France), Wiley "Peluche" tag (France).

    Production Plush Ewoks (Trilogo)

    Wicket, Kneesaa, Nippet, Wiley, Mookie, Leeni

    Plush Promotional & Advertising Items

    1983 Toy Fair Plush Introduction Flyer.

    Italian Magazine Advertisement.

    Kenner Paperwork

    Kenner Consumer Affairs department letter RE:unproduced Zephee plush Ewok.

    Plush Proof Sheets

    Unreleased tag proof. These tags have different COO wording on the front. The back only features three ewoks and uses different background colors than the actual production tags.

    First release straight text/round tag proof sheet. Matches production tags.

    Second release Curved text/round tag proof sheet. Matches production tags.

    Unreleased tag proof. Sheet features square tags for Wicket & Kneesaa which were never released with square tags and the unproduced Zephee plush. The inside layout of the tags differs from the production square tags and features a different color background as well.

    Unreleased tag proof with Ewoks animated logo. This is most likely how the tags would have looked if the line had continued. Proof sheet is one sided but does show the inside of the tag. Zephee is not shown in the lineup.

    Store Displays

    Coloring Book Display, Plush Wokling display (Black), Plush Wokling display (Blue), Craft Master puzzle header, Preschool Shelf Talker.

    Games & Puzzles (United States)

    Wicket Board Game, Card Games, Play Doh set, ROTJ Ewok Kite, Droids Kite, Craft Master puzzles.

    Games & Puzzles (Canada)

    Play Doh, bilingual silver box.

    Games & Puzzles (Europe)

    Spanish Card Game, Droids Game Cassette, Spanish Ewok & Droids Target Games, Spanish Puzzles

    Coloring Books

    Wicket Coloring Books (U.S. & Canadian), Wicket's World Colouring Book (Canadian), Ewoks Coloring Book, Winter Fun Activity, Ewoks & Droids Coloring books (Europe).

    Books & Magazines (United States)

    Shadow Stone, Adventures of Teebo, Witch/Ring/Crystal, Ewok Who Was Affraid, Wicket Goes Fishing, Lost Children, White Witch, Monster Ship, TView Magazine 1984, How The Ewoks Saved the Trees, Dandelion Warriors, Electric Company Magazine, Playthings Magazine

    Books (France)

    Shadow Stone, Dandelion Warriors, Wicket Goes Fishing

    Books (England)

    Droids Books

    Books (Japan)

    Lost Children, Caravan of Courage Program

    Books (Germany)

    Various German Comic Books

    IceCapades Merchandise

    Program, Various Pennants, Button

    Misc Foreign items

    Comic Spain Figures

    Masks Cesar of France; Wicket, Cheif Chirpa, Paploo

    French Sticker albums and Sticker Packet, Spanish foil stickers

    Spanish Eraser Boards, Dorothee Album, Custom/Fake Argentina Pinball games, German brochure, German Dog Chew Toys, U.K. Pencil Toppers, German Cassette Tote

    Misc U.S. items

    Wicket the Ewok & Friends Toy Toter by American Toy & Furniture

    Kneesaa Bank, Wallet, Bag, Keychain, Pins, Night Lights, Suitcase, Tin Carry-All, Sew N' Show Cards, Watercolor Paint Set

    Centerpiece, Dinnerware Set, Stickers, Party Favor Bags


    C-3PO's Cereal Commercial animation cel.

    Wallpaper Sample Book

    Craft Master Wicket Paint by Number Figure Roto-Cast Mold.


    Japanese Caravan of Courage, Horizontal Caravan of Courage.

    That's all folks....
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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    Nice sheets. Those bagged plush Ewoks are neat pieces. Looks like you have a well rounded and colorful collection.

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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    Great pics Jarrod! Looks like you finally nailed down a SitNSpin too!

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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**


    Having never seen these products this limelight could be it's own completist guide. This should be in some of these upcoming books we've all preordered! Really cool...

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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    WOW, Awesome run man.
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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    Great Ewok stuff... but now I have to get that damn Ewok song out of my head

    Ewok Song Link

    Thanks for sharing your Ewok run!

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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    That's a lot of 'Wok' you got going on there, Jarrod. How many years worth of collecting is in that lot?
    It is going to look ace when it is all displayed.

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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    Quote Originally Posted by calevans83
    This limelight could be it's own completist guide. This should be in some of these upcoming books we've all preordered!
    I was thinking the same Cal

    Jarrod, I am pleased you finally decided to do a limelight, I don't think it has to be a jaw dropping all in one display photo to really get people interested and the way you finally did it is so well organised and packed full of information it doubles as a guide!

    I love the proofs,QC samples, EP and the first shots! The whacky foreign stuff like the Spanish stickers are awesome as well, congrats man! What a complete collection!
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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    Fantastic collection, Jarrod!!!
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    Re: My First Focus Limelight **PHOTO HEAVY**

    That's a great collection Jarod! A good variety of items.


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