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Thread: Unimax's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

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    Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    Unimax's second Gamestars series of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood figures have just started hitting. This is the same company that did the Crysis 2 figures.

    I just picked up a set today. It's late, but I took a couple pics. I'll post more when I have time and better light. In the meantime here's a couple shots of Ezio:

    Here's a shot of the set:

    And here are a couple scale shots:

    I'll post some impressions tomorrow.

    Quick note - I was thinking of getting a case online for customs, but the packout is very Ezio heavy. I found a fresh case at Target and after I grabbed my full set there were still 5 Ezio's and 1 Cesare Borgia left. The Doctor, Harlequin, Machiavelli and Da Vinci are all 1 per case; Borgia is 2; Ezio is 6. So I guess I'll be skipping the case.

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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    Some impressions of the line:

    Kinda sloppy. I mean some of them have great detail like the stripes on the Harlequin or on Machiavelli's sleeves, but there's plenty of spotty color work. One of the worst is the Doctor's face - those glasses are painted way off the sculpting work and make the face look pretty messed up. Other times there just aren't paint apps at all and that's a shame because there's some great detail that gets lost in without paint.

    Body sculpting is pretty awesome. THere's tons of intricate details throughout the costumes - tons of little swirls and accents in the clothing and armor. However the headsculpts are very very soft. The two hurt the most by this are Machiavelli and DaVinci who's cartoonish heads look misplaced on the detailed bodies. Think of the soft A-Team sculpts and you're heading in the right direction.

    The points are there, but they are definitely hindered by long tunics and such. It'll take some modding to get Ezio into a crouched stance for sure. Like ROC Storm Shadow, I can't understand why such an agile character is hindered by these thick plastic skirts. I don't think fabric goods would be the way to go, but ToyBiz made some very soft skirt/cape/coat plastics in their Lord of the Rings line and I would have liked to see some of that here. And for pete's sake you could vent them, at least. My exacto knife will be going to work on this line.

    -ball neck - acts like more of a cut and Ezio, while able to turn, is hindered by the hood
    -ball shoulders - thankfully not hindered by sculpt on any of them
    -ball elbows
    -cut wrists - Ezio also has interchangeable hands, 1 set with blades and 1 set of open hands to hold his sword
    -mid torso joint - very sturdy though sculpt turns most into a cut waist
    -joe style hips - though I should point out for customizers that the bar is larger, probably more akin to WWE BnB t-bars. Joe legs would need to be modded; MU might fit is you heat to expand them first
    -single knees - really would have liked double consider the agility of almost all the characters, not to mention Ezio's iconic crouched down stance.
    -ball ankles

    Here's where I think they kinda dropped the ball. On the one hand, everyone has their signature accessory and Ezio has a great set of interchangeable hands. But in the game you end up building such a huge arsenal that it's a shame we get so few weapons. Also, for the Doctor, I would have liked one interchangeable hand so we could have one without the syringe sculpted in - though I do like that it's sculpted because I would loose that thing sooooo fast if it wasn't.

    Overall I would have expected more for a $9 figure, but as a customizer I'm excited by the possibilities.

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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    Some more shots.

    Cesare Borgia:

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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    The Doctor:

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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood


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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    The Harlequin:

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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood


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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    More Ezio:

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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    Where do I get these? Very cool!
    Things I need
    6" IG-88, 4-LOM Titanium Boba Fett helmet
    Have: BF Shocktrooper, various TFA
    "Warning: If your Man is Iron for more than four hours, consult your Doctor Doom...

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    Re: Unimax\'s Assassin\'s Creed: Brotherhood

    Saw these today at Target and passed on all of them. Paint apps are an issue, but it's almost laughable the way they designed that goatee. I know the line should be there, but they should have just painted it complete - I think more people are unhappy that the line is there rather than people that would have been unhappy if it hadn't.

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