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Thread: The Vintage Collection - General Toy Discussion Thread

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    12.99 is an alright price to get Dr Aphra and possibly Snoke and hoth trooper.

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    Yeah 12.99 is a pretty fair price .Hopefully they will be even cheaper when you buy a case .

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    these came out to mass market, and were $13 equivalent in the UK I would be delighted. But they won't, and they won't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by R2OSCAR View Post
    Yeah 12.99 is a pretty fair price .Hopefully they will be even cheaper when you buy a case .
    Most likely, they usually are. Form say EE or BBTS. But the issue for me is that there's no point in getting a whole case to save $2, as I only need two figures from it
    Back in the day when we only had to worry about getting rid of double ups, not so bad. Today is a different story, although the case isn't as many figures now.
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    Well, $13 is better than $15, but I don't think its a good price based on what we've seen for TBS over the last few years. Many characters have little to no accessories, and the TVC cards / bubbles are cheaper to produce, so we should see a reduction because they are no longer exclusives. Hasbro should list the MSRP at $10.99 and let retail battle it out.

    As for cases, I think those days are mostly over. I cant see many people shelling out $100+ for 8 figures, most of which are repacks. I think certain collectors and websites overestimate the popularity of repacks on vintage cardbacks. I know I wont be buying any, the only figure I plan to buy thus far is Snoke.

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