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Thread: Trade Federation MTT Droid Carrier

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    I still think this thing could have held more droids if they were in t he folded up position. I really didn't like the solid droid the thing came with. It would have been a great way for collectors to get rid the battle droid that were sticking up the pegs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
    Ok You can't brag about your custom without providing some pictures. We all want to see it now.

    Sorry, I JUST checked back in here and saw this. Life is super busy but this weekend will be a big Star Wars playing time so I will try and get some pics of it.
    Dea wanna wanga

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    Do it! Do it NOW!

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    sigh....missed my chance when these were at Marshall's. At the time it was too large for me to store so i passed on it.

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    Damn I still owe you guys those pics. I told the wife I need her good camera, we just have everything packed up for a move in a couple weeks. I will get to it some day though, this forum section doesn't seem to be going anywhere LOL!
    Dea wanna wanga

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