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Thread: Trade Federation MTT Droid Carrier

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    I still think this thing could have held more droids if they were in t he folded up position. I really didn't like the solid droid the thing came with. It would have been a great way for collectors to get rid the battle droid that were sticking up the pegs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclone View Post
    Ok You can't brag about your custom without providing some pictures. We all want to see it now.

    Sorry, I JUST checked back in here and saw this. Life is super busy but this weekend will be a big Star Wars playing time so I will try and get some pics of it.
    Dea wanna wanga

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    Do it! Do it NOW!

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    sigh....missed my chance when these were at Marshall's. At the time it was too large for me to store so i passed on it.

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    Damn I still owe you guys those pics. I told the wife I need her good camera, we just have everything packed up for a move in a couple weeks. I will get to it some day though, this forum section doesn't seem to be going anywhere LOL!
    Dea wanna wanga

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    I was scrolling through the MODERN HASBRO list and saw this was the last active topic here. So that got me looking for images of the MTT.... which just aren't in THE REBELSCUM PHOTO ARCHIVE. WHU?!?!?! This is the last of the really big vehicles before we got into the ST era, and there are no images? Bizarre...

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    Can imagine it would be a fairly time consuming photo shoot. HeII I got mine mailed 6 years ago? Still haven't found time to even open the package. In fact I'm not 100% sure it's even an MTT in there.

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    I wish I could put my fist through this whole lousy beautiful franchise. - ​Kathleen Kennedy

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    Ha. I know how you feel. I have a Big AT-AT that I bought back in .... well, I guess it was around 2009/2010, whenever it came out. They had one at WalMart that was not selling and it made it past Christmas. I eagerly waited for the post Christmas clearance. This AT-AT's box was somewhat beaten down and definitely not mint. It was moved to another aisle still in the toy dept, but not with the other SW toys. So about a week after Christmas, sure enough, I took it over to the price scanner like I did everyday and it scanned for $50 for the first time.

    I bought it, but have never opened it. I remember stories of people who have opened their boxes only to find mulch or trash from those that 'returned' the toy. I sure hope mine is good, but I have never opened it, so I don't know for sure.

    Also I have a BMF that I ordered from Amazon about year or two after they came out. It was on sale for $109. I had missed all of the $99 clearances, so I accepted my $10 penalty and decided to bite while it was still available. (it had gotten old by this time and the BMF excitement was waning). It arrived in a brown Amazon shipping box that says BMF on it. I have never opened that box, so in reality, I have no proof of what is actually in there. I haven't even seen the BMF packaging. But that one is likely as close to mint and I can hope for. No external wear or damage detected.

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    Lol Wow, you have some staying power. I put the BMF on "Lay-Buy" as soon as I new it existed! In fact it was that toy that pulled me back in to collecting after 25 years. I couldn't not have it! Same with the BAT-AT. No camping until clearance, just "shut up and take my money!" Of course I opened and enjoyed these things. I display both in the formal lounge where anyone rarely goes and the BMF hangs on the wall like a Warhol (in my mind).

    Now, I routinely buy anything from the line 12 months after release for less than half price. I have nothing from The Last Jedi apart from cliffhanger TFA Luke. Will likely stay that way for 9 months or more.

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    I wish I could put my fist through this whole lousy beautiful franchise. - ​Kathleen Kennedy

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    Yeah so, I'm only just now rounding out my Rogue One collection. Many of the mains bottoming out around $15 on ebay or even less. I learned my lesson from The Force Awakens man.

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    I wish I could put my fist through this whole lousy beautiful franchise. - ​Kathleen Kennedy

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