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Thread: "New" Hasbro Marvel Legends

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedicrippler View Post
    King Cobra is coming as well, so that's two Serpent Society members. Hopefully more on the way.
    Three if you count Viper/Madame Hydra.

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    A local TRU received a case of their SDCC exclusive A-Force set today. 3 per case.

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    Anyone able to score a A-Force set that is willing to part with Sif and Lady Loki? Longshot I know... But in the off chance you are I am willing to take them off your hands for a fair price.

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    The other 4 rumored figures of the Apocalypse wave are Magneto, Sabertooth, multiple man and Gladiator.

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    Check 5 Below (Rt. 3 Clifton NJ) . I saw the Guardians of the Galaxy comic 2 packs for $5 each. They had Starlord/Gamora and Rocket/Groot. Jane foster Thor/Thor too.
    They also had a few Marvel Legends from the Scarlet Witch wave (Abomination BAF) for $5.

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