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Thread: "New" Hasbro Marvel Legends

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    Has anyone ever used They have the netflix wave up for preorder for $83. I don't know if that's in AUD and the USD price would be higher, because that's a steal of a deal for 6 figures. I've never ordered any entire wave, but I think this will be the one.

    Here's the link to that wave -
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    So anyone having any luck with warlock wave Cyclops and colosus? These two are still eluding me.

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    Cyclops is in stock at bbts for $25 right now.
    Hasbro Wishlist- ANH- Theron Nett (Red 10), ESB- Hobbie, ROTJ- Horton Salm (Grey Leader), Lt Telsj, Kier Santage
    and all the new Rogue One pilots, especially BLUE LEADER!

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