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Thread: "New" Hasbro Marvel Legends

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    I walked right into that one.
    The Walt Disney Company is the worst studio to have purchased Lucasfilm, except compared to all the other entertainment conglomerates that could have.

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    Presumably the SDCC exclusive. Pretty impressive. I suppose it's too much to hope anyone out there doesn't want Malekith?
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    Whoa!!!! Stop the press!!!!! ^^^^^

    Those are awesome!

    I sooooo want that Bor figure!!!!!

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    The Amazon Sinister Six set is now in stock.

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    DorkSide Toys put up their preorder for the second GOTG 2 wave yesterday. I ordered the wave in the afternoon and got a shipping notification later that night! That's easily the shortest preorder wait time I've ever dealt with.

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    Got the sinister six set yesterday. It looks really nice but I would much rather prefer a straight up boxset so I could display it and be able to see them. Hasbro is really into this accordion style box thing lately and I hate it. It's impossible to display the figures. This set when opened up is like three feet long.

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    Bought a Vulture Spidey set on ebay the other day for $30 bucks because a corner of the box was banged up. Yesterday morning I order a Mary Jane ANAD Spider-Man 2 pack.

    Excited for the MJ set, I plan on setting up an upside down Spider-Man kiss scene on an figuarts stand with the grinning Pizza Spidey. Gonna wind up putting the teen Parker head on the extra teen Spidey from the Vulture set too. Gonna be a good week for Spidey Marvel Legends for me.

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    Picked up Walgreens Invisible Woman this morning then found the entire Cyclops wave at Walmart for $9. At that price I finally picked up Logan and grabbed an extra Cyclops for good measure. Good day for Marvel Hunting.
    Hasbro Wishlist- ANH- Theron Nett (Red 10), ESB- Hobbie, ROTJ- Horton Salm (Grey Leader), Lt Telsj, Kier Santage
    and all the new Rogue One pilots, especially BLUE LEADER!

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    Picked up Invisible Woman. I'll pair her up with the 2-pack thing for now.

    Still no luck on Cyclops and Colossus. I've seen the rest of the wave but those two are always missing.

    I'll swing by TRU soon for Spidey/MJ hopefully soon.

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    Anybody recently seen the Walmart Ex Falcon and Winter Soldier/Bucky? I heard som WM were clearing them out
    ...better get used to it, I'm still here and ain't going anywhere anytime soon.:p

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