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Thread: "New" Hasbro Marvel Legends

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    Does anyone need the Onslaught head that comes with Kitty Pryde?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post

    Fate, which figures do you have? I just got back into it earlier this year and I'm surprised how my small collection is growing. Over a dozen
    I only have Captain America, Punisher, Vision, Deadpool, and Red Skull, though I just completed the Juggernaut BAF from buying parts on Ebay. Caved in over the weekend and purchased Ultimate Spider-Man on Ebay. Which ones do you have, which are your faves?

    I keep them on my desk as they are fun to arrange in different humorous scenes, especially with Deadpool. My 6" Star Wars figures are mostly just for display on a shelf.
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    I have Amazing Spider-Man 2, Venom, Ultimate Spider-Man, Electro, the whole X-men wave, BAF Juggernaut, I'm getting the final piece to Rhino soon, Kraven, Chameleon, 3-pack civil war captain america and iron man.

    My fave is ultimate spidey. He doesn't have quite the poseability that ASM2 has but after I trimmed his ankles and hips he's pretty close.

    Venom is great as well. Last I checked he's $10 on, just do in store pick up for free shipping. Can't beat it.

    Looks like I waited too long for the discounted war machine 2-pack at target. Last week they have five for $20, I held off because I heard some had found them for $12 but I must have missed it. Oh well. Snagged a Hawkeye for $6 for my friend. He wanted a Hawkeye, I wanted that old product cleared out. Win win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikkes View Post
    Yeah, I'm the same way. I look at all my 6" Black Series stuff and I just want to sell it all to focus on Sideshow and Marvel Legends.
    I did that early on in TBS run. Got hooked on Hot Toys Star Wars and select Marvel, and select Marvel Legends figures, and never looked back. TBS paint really went to **** after wave 1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    Rumor has it, and this comes from someone who predicted every character in the juggernaut wave, is Sue and Johnny will store exclusives this year. Reed and Ben next year.

    It does suck that it will take two years to complete them but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
    As opposed to never, in the MU line?
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    Picked up a ML2 Thing for cheap. Debating on which direction I want to go with the thing but it's definitely going to be custom.

    Just debating on a huge thing or an average sized thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick10126 View Post
    Just debating on a huge thing or an average sized thing.
    I see what you did there.

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