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Thread: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

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    2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    Please read carefully before voting
    Welcome to the 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll Finals! The important change is that you are NOW voting on a RELATIVE scale. And as a reminder, when voting, you are voting for that figure ONLY, not against, how much you want figures from other categories Unlike the nominations phase where you were simply voting that you wanted a figure, now you are voting on HOW MUCH you want that figure. This is very simple, and basically requires that you rate each of the finalists on a scale of 6 down to 1. A vote of six means that you REALLY want the figure and that it should be an immediate prioriy for Hasbro, and a 1 means that you probably wouldn't buy the figure even if it were released.

    Take some time to review the rankings before voting - think through each subject carefully, and vote using the FULL scale:

    6: Definite Buy! - This figure is one of your most wanted subjects. You would be out hunting as soon as it was released, and heck, would even consider paying a premium to get it from overseas, or from a similar early release vendor. It is a figure that, if you were planning the line, would get ranked ahead of 90% of the other potential releases. In a category of 20 choices, you really should only have 2-3 sixes.

    5: Likely Buy - This figure is something that you really want to see released, but there are those few other releases that are ahead of this one. Don't hesitate to use this vote for something that you want more than most, or even more than average! You'd definitely look forward to adding this one to your collection, but probably would stick to your usual hunting patterns to find one.

    4: Wanted - This is a figure that you want, that you would be happy to see released, but there are more than a few that you'd rather see first (the 5's and 6's). You'd keep an eye open for it, but perhaps wouldn't be so active in hunting it down. More of a "target of opportunity" when there wasn't anything else around that you wanted more.

    3: Meh - Some would say not really wanted This is a figure that would be a just below average release for you, one that you might or might not purchase (50% of these releases you'd purchase, 50% you would not purchase) if it were to be released. No active hunting, but maybe when you see it, you buy it on an impulse. Everything in the 4-6 rankings would be higher on your wishlist.

    2: Likely Pass - This is a figure that you really don't want to see released, but that you just might buy just to keep your collection complete. Maybe it would tempt you when you saw it in person, and it was better than you expected, or might buy it on clearance. It's one that you wouldn't be happy to see released and if you puchased it, you'd probably do so begrudgingly (10% of these releases you'd purchase, 90% you would not purchase).

    1: Definite Pass - If you saw it on the shelf, it would be an EASY pass. Not only would you not want to see this figure released, you flat would not buy it, no ifs, ands or buts.

    And if those don't make sense, just think of it this way, the more you want to see it released the HIGHER your vote should be (just like ranking the categories), think of a 6 as something that you're exhuberantly posting about when the announcement is made, and think of a 1 as something that you're bashing Hasbro over for being stupid - an average score of 3.5 is, well, just that, average, straight in the middle of the possible releases.

    And even then, if that doesn't make any sense, just ask in this thread, and most anyone here will help you make sense of the process.

    Oh and please make sure to rank EVERY choice even if you're not interested, make sure to vote for ALL the choices, it helps to keep the voting consistent.

    400+ votes are required to complete the poll.

    If you're not familiar with any of the choices, or why they MIGHT be good choices, and how fans would like to see them released (don't just assume the Hasbro Worst for each) - please review the next post as it has photos and a brief on each of the finalists, and what features we'd like to see included.

    Are you sure you understand the scale and are ready to vote?

    Here are your finalists from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
    He's back!

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back
    With the very most current wave, the biggest gap from The Empire Strikes Back has been covered - we finally have a Han Solo Bespin! This figure with the 2010 TVC wave and late 2009 TLC wave have filled MANY of the Empire gaps. While Empire is arguably the most complete in terms of coverage (it also happens to have the most limited set of characters to chose from - lacking a Cantina type scene), fans are still looking for many ultimate versions of core characters, as well as those few remaining "vintage gap fillers." Take some time and read over the selections, and it should be plain to see that there are good choices left - some of which are already well on the rumor radar, but, as always, things can change, so we need to make sure Hasbro sees our full support behind these subjects!

    On the surface it would appear that this is a simple release, that the Empire Strikes Back version of 2-1B is the same as the 2-1B that participated in the re-build of Darth Vader at the end of Revenge of the Sith, and that because of this, this figure could be remade from the early 2008 ROTS 2-1B. In reality there are a number of detail differences between the TESB 2-1B and ROTS 2-1B - such that any new attempt at this figure would have to be an all new sculpt. Those that don't worry about the details, would tell you that including a new forearm, and a simple repaint is all that's required, but in reality that's not the case. Like most all of his counterparts, the TESB 2-1B suffers from POTF2 disease and is over-scaled, under-detailed and under-articulated!

    Bespin Guard - Vintage Version
    In last year's poll there were two different subjects for vintage Bespin Wing Guards. This year, to minimize the duplication, we're listing both under one subject - they're that close! Most will point to the original 1980 vintage figure with the mustache as the vintage gap that needs to be filled. This is a specific head sculpt as shown in the photo above. However, as is well known fans also want to see the bearded guard as seen on the cardback of the 1980 vintage Bespin Guard. Some say the vintage gap won't be covered until both versions of this figure are completed. The good news is, it would only require two head sculpts to complete these "vintage" gaps, as the 2009 Bespin Wing Guard is a superb basis for both, so it would not be an expensive release. While we're talking vintage gaps, some will point to the poor head sculpt of the "black" 2009 Bespin Guard as not being correctly representative for that vintage figure. So perhaps a third head would be nice to see as well! We'll also use this as an additional opportunity to suggest that any time a human soldier is released, consider including an alternate headsculpt IN the package with the basic figure. Don't try for any more running changes, we get that's hard and fraught with error. But we've seen other toy lines (and even occasionally this line - 2004 Dagobah Luke) do this trick. It would allow for variants, wouldn't cost that much extra, and likely would up the sales of that given figure as many would end up buying more than one! Plus it doesn't require those evil "running changes" that never work!

    Captain/Admiral Piett
    Given that the Captain Needa gap was filled in 2009, we think it's high time to revisit Captain (later Admiral) Piett. One update that would be nice to see (other than just a new head sculpt on Needa) is to give this figure the correct jodhpurs (pants). One thing that we like about the Needa figure is that the rank badge is swappable. This is important for Piett as this figure actually could be done THREE times over – once for his Captain’s rank at the beginning of Empire, a second for his promotion to Admiral, and then a final version for his changed “Admiral” badge in Return of the Jedi. While the later appears to just be a case of a continuity error by the property department, it would make an interesting release – perhaps one that could be thrown into a battlepack. It's also important to note that Captain Piett was a good bit shorter than Captain Needa in reality, so we'd like to see this figure on a shorter body than the current Needa figure (Perhaps the Tank Sunbur figure?). While Piett has been released previously, his is actually the oldest Imperial Officer figure in the modern line, and like all the yet to be upgraded POTF2 figures – this one needs the upgrade too!

    Derek "Hobbie" Klivian - New Finalist for 2011
    While we have the comic pack Hobbie, we don't actually have the on-screen version - as he appeared as a Snowspeeder Pilot in the Battle for Hoth. Hobbie, as suggested by his appearance in the comic pack line, has an extensive EU backstory, and many adventures beyond the Battle of Hoth. Using existing Snowspeeder pilot sculpts, and the already available helmet (the same as Gray Leader's), it should be easy to come up with a proper "on-screen" Hobbie!

    Echo Base Command Tech
    Here is the first of the Rebel Soldier variant in the finals, this figure appears to wear the same general uniform as the upcoming Echo Base Trooper but without the head gear. Rather they wear headsets as they work the control room deep inside of Echo Base. This figure therefore is probably an easy variant from the Echo Base Trooper requiring only a new headsculpt. What's not visible on most of these Echo Base personnel figures is the lower portion of the uniform, therefore a simple head swap may not be entirely accurate. Obviously a command console would be a great accessory to include with this figure, but at minimum a rebel blaster would be required.

    Echo Base Tauntaun Handler - New Finalist for 2011
    Another style of Echo Base rebel uniform. In this case a more simplified version of the Deck Officer uniform. Instead of the familiar head gear used by the Deck Officer and the trench troopers, this style wears something akin to a Baseball cap with ear covers. The boots on this uniform are also different being more like black rubber boots as opposed to the more "insulated" look of the deck officer and trench trooper. Using the upcoming Echo Base Trooper, this figure should be an easy modification - one of many possible on the basis of the deck officer.

    Han Solo - Carbon Freezing Chamber/Carbonite Block
    Now that we have a definitive Han Solo - Bespin, we need some slight modifications to do that figure without the jacket as seen in the Carbon Freezing Chamber. It would appear with the center section of the jacket of this new figure as being molded loose that a good portion of the new figure can be used to make this version from the Carbon Freeze sequence. Extra manacles would be a nice inclusion. However, the real key accessory for this release would be Han frozen in the carbonite block. The 2006 half-melted release might be a good starting point - if painted all silver, however, what we really want to see here is a full - in-scale Han-in-carbonite, not an undersized accessory.

    Hoth Rebel Soldier (Vintage Commander)
    Here is another release much in the same vein as the Bespin Security Guard above. While the 2009 Hoth Rebel Soldier was a generally good release - it doesn't quite capture the vintage version. Although in this case there's some confusion, as the vintage figure corresponding to the trench trooper was the 1981 "Rebel Commander" (where as the 1980 version that was advertised as the soldier, was based on the deck officer). Naming confusion aside, fans would like to see the Hoth Rebel Trooper released with the above likeness - as this is the version that corresponds to the mustachioed 1981 Rebel Commander (hanging scarf and all). So a simple head sculpt/head gear change on the existing Hoth Rebel Soldier is about all that is needed here. Release it with a basic trench rifle, and we'd be very happy! About the only other upgrade that would be nice to see, would be headgear with a closed chin strap - we never see the soldiers on the battlefield with open head gear as the 2009 figure depicts. Like the Bespin Security guard, this figure as a human trooper, is an opportunity to include multiple headsculpts in the release increasing the buyability of the figure.

    Imperial Probe Droid
    While the latest repaint on the original 1996 Deluxe Probe Droid tooling is perhaps the best to date, it still doesn’t fill the need for a nice, newly tooled Probe Droid. The shapes, accuracy, proportions, in fact pretty much everything aren’t quite right on the existing tooling – especially noting the firing projectile. Ultimately this figure should be made in the style of the Tri-Droid – and while perhaps not small enough for a basic figure card, it's not so big that it couldn't be crammed into one. Or perhaps in the deluxe line with the pod it travels to Hoth in. Head and body should be correctly proportioned and shaped, the firing projectile should be done away with, and the legs, should be articulated and ACCURATELY represented. What this means is that they should be different lengths, thickness, and shapes. Obviously the current legs are designed to help the figure stand on it’s own, which, by design, creates an accuracy flaw for the existing release. Any new release should come with a sturdy, purpose designed clear stand that allows the newly tooled Probe Droid to “float” around in search of Rebel Installations.

    Imperial Technician / Communications
    The 2009 Imperial Scanning Trooper would make an excellent basis for this figure. The only real change would be the addition of the headset, and perhaps a console at which the Tech can work. A "clip board" would be a nice inclusion as well.

    Lando Calrissian - Bespin Administrator
    We're no stranger to figures of the suave, double-crossing administrator of Bespin's Cloud City. We've had at least three major releases of this figure, including the original POTF2 He-Man version, a later, and more "to scale" POTJ release, and then finally, the VOTC release in 2004 - this, like the other original vintage figures, seemed to be a definitive release, with good detail and improved articulation. However, as we've seen in the years since the vintage line originally made it's resurgence, the standard has improved, and thus, figures like the 2004 VOTC Lando now seem out-dated and under articulated. We'd like to see a better likeness, and a final, definitive Lando for this release. The 2004 VOTC Lando was definitely the "cheap-out" figure of that series, so it would be nice to see that gap made up in a current and up-to-date release! Heck, Hasbro released an upgrade to the far better 2007 Bespin Luke - so this one seems like a no-brainer right? An E-11 Blaster (as well as a "Bespin" blaster since that's what the original figure came with), and a removable cape (we see him as much without the cape as with) would be the required accessories for this figure.

    Last released in 2004, at about the same time as his boss above, a greatly improved figure over the original POTF2 release (an infamous figure in its own right), but again, like his boss above, the standard has greatly improved since 2004, so an upgrade to Lando's chief aide would be nice to have - and while you're at it, release him on a modern vintage card back so we can check that box as well!

    Lt. Sheckil
    Lt. Sheckil is yet another gray/green tunic officer. What’s unique about this version is it represents Jeremy Bulloch’s OT cameo outside of the Boba Fett armor. We see Lt. Sheckil escorting the rebels away from the Carbon Freeze chamber, later using Leia as a human shield before being apprehended by Lando and the Bespin Wing Guard. An easy retool of a newly tooled Imperial Officer body, this figure would represent a nice “tip of the hat” to one of the men behind the masks that has been a long time supporter of the saga and fan favorite at conventions.

    Luke Skywalker - Dagobah Training
    With all the upgrades to various Luke figures since this subject was last covered in the 2004 OTC collection and 2006 Dagobah X-Wing (slightly updated OTC figure), AND the excellent Bespin Lukes (which is half of this figure already), it's probably time to address this figure and come up with the ultimate release. As already noted, the lower portion of Bespin Luke can be used for Dagobah Training Luke. All that is needed is a new torso (for the tank top) and bare arms (which may be sourced from the Luke/Lumiya comic pack). Weapons accessories aren't all that needed, as while training all he had was the backpack. We'd hope that the backpack would be adaptable to any new or existing Yoda. Since the 2004 release had the novel headstand feature, we're pretty satisfied with that "as is" and would expect this to be a less scene specific version.

    Luke Skywalker – Hoth
    Really Hasbro?! I mean seriously, we needed a new Bespin Luke Skywalker (done as recently as the 2007 VTAC line) before this one? I know some fans griped about the shortcomings of the 2007 release, but I would certainly argue that the 2003 Hoth Luke Skywalker is much more in need of an upgrade. At this point the argument is academic, but doesn't change the fact that we need an update to Hoth Luke Skywalker - and it needs to be an all new tool! The figure should be completely articulated, and up to the very latest tooling standards. From an accessory standpoint, a good holster, a good lightsaber, a separate hilt, removable head gear and goggles are all desirable for this figure. Another important note is that it needs to have a generic sculpt - no wampa scar, no scene specifics - leave those for later releases (if at all). This one needs a major refit! Now that "Bespin" Han Solo is out, this one is perhaps the biggest overall gap from The Empire Strikes Back - and, even better, there's an opportunity to utilize SOME of the Echo Base Trooper for this version of Luke!

    Princess Leia - Bespin Escape
    The basis for this outfit is actually Leia's Hoth outfit, with the outstanding Hoth Leia from last year, we only need some minor re-tools to make this figure available. Obviously the vest gets removed, but then Leia wears cold weather boots that go over the lower legs, so the lower leg tooling for this figure will have to change to portray her in the standard white boots that tuck under the leggings of the jumpsuit. Additionally, new gloveless forearms are needed as well (which could also be used for a Asteroid chase version of Leia). And since this was after Leia had the Bespin 'do, we'd need an updated headsculpt on this one as well. This figure should come with an E-11 blaster.

    Princess Leia - Bespin Gown
    Another in the series of 2004 OTC/VOTC releases that is now getting due for an upgrade! As we've seen by a few other figures on this list, several of the 2004 Empire figures are now getting due for an upgrade. In fact, the new figures from the OTC series were almost entirely from TESB (the early group from Dagobah, and the later from Bespin). These figures were for their day nice definitive releases, but like we've previously mentioned, the standard has improved significantly since then. While the 2004 release of Bespin Gown Leia was very good - the key issue commonly pointed to with this figure is the lack of articulation (necessitating the use of softgoods). While Bespin Gown Leia doesn't do much more than stand around, the articulation update is primarily what fans are looking for in this figure.

    Snowtrooper Officer
    At first glance, this figure looks to be just a cleaner, whiter Snowtrooper - new face shield and a rank badge, and that's it, right? Unfortunately, no, looks can be deceiving! Looking at the components for this trooper's armor, you'll quickly notice that the helmet, chest armor, boots, shoulder pads - almost EVERY component - is different than the basic Snowtrooper. In fact, the Snowtrooper commander seems to be more closely related to the AT-AT driver than the basic Snowtrooper. So for this figure, we'd ask that Hasbro CAREFULLY analyze the details of this figure before deciding to re-purpose existing molds. There are probably some Snowtrooper and AT-AT Driver parts that could be used, but those need to be used judiciously along with new tooling! We see this character briefly taking orders from General Veers, so outside of a basic blaster, there are probably not that many accessories or similar add-ins needed!

    Toryn Farr
    Another very highly ranked nomination and 2009 Fan's Choice poll finalist – Toryn Farr is the rebel ion cannon controller at Echo Base. It's common to assume that the uniform that Toryn wears is the same as Princess Leia. While it is similar, and in some parts the same, it is different in many ways. The vest is different, but the underlying jumpsuit is the same, so it is likely that some common tooling could be shared between Hoth Leia, Bespin Escape Leia and this figure. So with the release of Hoth Leia, the basis for this figure exists! The figure should be articulated enough to both stand and sit, and would hopefully include her control station with the control board and communications gear.

    Treva Horme
    A female Lutrillian that, according to backstory worked for the same company as Wiorkettle. Here is a Cloud City denizen popularized by her appearance in the Decipher SWCCG Cloud City subset. Like her co-worker Wiorkettle (see below), she is barely visible in the film, but did appear in older publications, so we know she is not just a Decipher photo-shop creation. We don't have a Lutrillian in the Star Wars action figure collection yet, so this one might make a good subject to fill that gap (although my money is on Solomohal to be the first). Like Wiorkettle, Treva Horme isn't depicted with any accessories, so a blaster pistol might be all that this figure needs.

    Wedge Antilles - Snowspeeder Pilot
    A possible re-paint for the 2008 Wes Janson figure, his pilot, Wedge should be a no-brainer release, one of the multiple heads and helmets from X-wing pilot releases could be simply moved to the Wes Janson body, and viola, instant Wedge Snowspeeder pilot. Although many will say that this figure will need a new head with the skull cap. This subject continues to underline the importance of common tooling for ball jointed heads and the ability to move parts from one figure to another – as it further minimizes the investment needed for “new” figures.

    Wiorkettle was a Snivvian on Cloud City. This character is BARELY visible during the film, but did appear in various vintage publications such as the old ESB coloring books (admit it you had those and colored in them back in the day!). Little in the way of backstory is provided for this character, save that he was a designer of sorts, and apparently worked at the same company as fellow finalist Treva Horme. Ever since the character was featured in the Decipher SWCCG Cloud City set, fans have been clamoring for this figure. The character is never depicted with any accessories, so it's probably good to include a blaster pistol just to butch him up a bit! Wasn't everyone on Cloud City packin'?

    The sage Jedi Master that first endeared himself to fans everywhere thirty-one years ago has been an integral part of the saga ever since! While we've seen many prequel-based Yodas over the last few years, it has been a while since we've seen an attempt at a original trilogy Yoda. Like so many of the other figures in this list, we last visited the OT Yoda in 2004 - with two releases - the novel Jedi Training version in the OTC line, and then the VOTC version in the "vintage" line. Both were good figures, and still stand up well to this day, however, like the others mentioned above, we'd like to see an absolutely definitive version of this figure - both from a sculpting and likeness standpoint, as well as from a articulation standpoint. The VOTC version pretty much had the articulation nailed (it could be refined to today's standards), but the likeness and coloring wasn't great. So, as has been the theme for most of the Empire category, let's get a final and definitive version of this character released!
    He's back!

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    Voting is OPEN!
    He's back!

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    Oops, I forgot to vote on three of them: Yoda, Treva and Wiorkettle.
    Wish List: Klaatu, Vedain, Velken, Barada, Yotts Orren, Weequay (sail barge), Saelt-Marae, Tessek, Geezum, Fozec, Lobot, Bib Fortuna, Merc Pilot, Gailid.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    Lando, Piett, Treva, Tauntaun Handler, Hobbie are all 6s.

    Yoda got a 1. I'm tired of Yoda and will avoid all new future toys of him.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    Most of these got upper-half ratings. I'm conflicted about Lando - other than the elbows and head, I think the VOTC version is fine. I would buy it in a Battle Pack, but probably not on a single card.

    Yoda and Hoth Luke are the biggest priorities for me, followed by carbonite Han, Bespin Escape Leia, and 2-1B.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    The VOTC one is fine but if they gave him the Bespin Luke treatment, I'd be all over it like a Mynock on a power cord.
    Wish List: Klaatu, Vedain, Velken, Barada, Yotts Orren, Weequay (sail barge), Saelt-Marae, Tessek, Geezum, Fozec, Lobot, Bib Fortuna, Merc Pilot, Gailid.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    Empire's really starting to get played out. But we all know that. It's what happens when the majority of a film's backgrounders are humans in beige. Still, some great stuff here.

    Sixes: Vintage Bespin Guard, Hobbie, Toryn, Treva, Wedge, Wiorkettle

    Fives: Remaining Hoth Rebels, Imperial Tech, Shecky, Snowtrooper Officer

    Fours: 2-1B, Piett, Carbo-Han, Lando

    Threes: Probot, Lobot, Luke Hoth, Leia Gown, Yoda

    Twos: Luke Dagobah, Leia Escape

    Still no ones. Even another Escape Leia might tempt me, under the right circumstances.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    +1 for main characters.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - TESB Finals

    2004 Lobot is 100% a-ok in my mind. I don't see any need for a new figure of him. That said, I voted 3 anyway because I'm a fan so I'd buy a new one if they made it, but I'd much rather other characters get updates first.

    oh I also voted 6 for new Cloud City Guards, vintage variations. I'd have voted 7 if I could have.

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