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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    Catonsville, Md. Walgreens(across from Chick-fil-A) had six Force Ghost Obi’s out this am. The Walmart on Rte. 40 at the other end had BS 6” Hera. & Luke, plus 3.75” Luke & Rose.

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    Glen Burnie TRU had five BS6” two packs with Ackbar & First Order officer.

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    North Glen Burnie Target had BS 6” snowtrooper & AT-AT Driver from ESB.

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    Been seeing lots of restock at both north & south GB Targets...Maz wave, Leia General, snowtrooper, AT-AT dude, Finn Imp. Disguise, etc. No #50 though. He’s the scalpers delight.

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    Some fresh action in Germantown. The WM had a Maz, Gen Leia, 1st Order Finn, Red Guard, Need to shave Poe, and Kylo Unmasked today. First significant pegging that I have seen in a while.

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    Saw a lot of new BS6” today...the elusive #50 at both Pasadena Walmart & Glen Burnie TRU. Seeing Rose everywhere, but no Jaina. I personally nabbed Snoke & Rose at GB TRU for 11.99(for BOTH)...two promotions going on.

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