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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    Wow, that's irritating. Collectors/collecting is one thing but a coordinated effort to secure desirable figures just to flip them seems a bit much. To put that much time and effort into making a profit off of toys you'd think a person could just get a real job.

    After bringing my daughter home for a bottle and a nap we regrouped and went to Laurel. I found Hera, Rey, and Luke in 6". I also picked up 2 forces of destiny dolls for my daughter and a pop to qualify for the Gift Card.

    my guess is any and all of this stuff will be easy to find by Halloween.
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    Pasadena Walmart finally put out their BS6" dump display today...all of wave 1 there as of 10 am.

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    Sunday am...aforementioned Pasadena Wally had new Bs 3.75" wave on a stocking cart, but they probably won't ring at the register.

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    Scored Target exc. FO Executioner at north GB...3 left as of 11:30 am. Columbia TRU had kids' landspeeders back in stock. Columbia Target had all of BS 6" TLJ wave 1 back in Seasonal display(except for Hera).

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    So far I have hit up Wal Marts in Ellicott City, Frederick, Mt. Airy and Landover Hills as well as Target in Greenbelt. Pretty much the only 6" Black Series I've seen are Wave 1 Kylo Ren and Darth Vader, who are shaping up to be peg-warmers. I did snag the one Hera I've seen. Saw 2 repacked Stormtroopers and a new Rey but have not seen any Old Man Lukes, Thrawns or any of TLJ Wave 2. There are also plenty of Luke and Rey Speeders and the Luke and Vader Centerpiece sets to be had. I suspect those will get discounted at some point. Pretty disappointed in the stock available. There's plenty of drones, Legos and 3.75" out there though.

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    Pasadena, MD Walmart had TLJ BS 6" wave 1 out this am...minus Thrawn & Hera.

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    Some local news...Glen Burnie TRU had BS 6" exclusive Cdmr. Gree back in stock. I counted at least near entrance in that Seasonal SW section; the others in reg. BS section. The north Glen Burnie WalMart had their exclusive 3.75" BS in stock...multiples of each. Haven't found Spirit Obi yet.

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    More BS 6" news...Columbia TRU had like 10-12 of their exclusive Gree(paying attention, Walgreens?); north Glen Burnie Walgreens had TLJ Rey, and further up Ritchie Hwy. in Brooklyn, that Walgreens had Hera & old man Luke. Still no sign of Force Ghost Kenobi.

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    South GB Walgreens on Ritchie Hwy. had 6" BS AT-AT driver.

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    North GB Walmart had BS 6" TLJ wave2 this am...someone was walking out with #50 Praetorian guard as I approached. Both this store & Severn Walmart also had old BS 3.75" Lando/ERG wave.

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