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Thread: Recent Acquisitions: VA/MD/DC V.10

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    Yeah I think the Walgreens 3PO is long gone. You really need to join the DC club, we all hooked each other up with those weeks ago
    - - Martin Thurn, DCSWCC President

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    Just an FYI...Catonsville Walmart on Rte. 40 had BS 3.75" AT-ST set this am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinThurn View Post
    Yeah I think the Walgreens 3PO is long gone. You really need to join the DC club, we all hooked each other up with those weeks ago
    I think you're right, I've not seen a single 3PO in Walgreens yet. Thanks for the link - signing up today!

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    I did a bad thing.

    I was at Walmart last week and they've begun to put SW toys on clearance. My store has an incredible backlog of both 3.75" and 6" BS figures. Most are TFA characters. I found that we still have about 9 Constable Zuvio 6" figures warming the pegs. So I took a few of them with me as I head over to the Clearance section to see what they had. The clearance section just had some speeder vehicles. I put the Zuvio set on the clearance shelf and left.

    I returned today to find that each of them now has a $9 price tag on them. So I put a few more on clearance today. Hopefully WM will finally get rid of these figures which should have been purged from the pegs last year.

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    This is a good thing...don't be in

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    Opps, I did it again.

    I found that the two I moved to clearance yesterday are now also marked down. All of the Zuvios are now moved. Just need to move some Jyn and Cassian figures and all will be good.

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    Every once in a while, I will extend my range and head up to the two Warlmarts in Frederick. Today I went to the one off of Liberty road and found that it was closed. Gasp! A closed WM? I found a sign saying that they have relocated. Well it was just accross the street in a brand new building. Man is that place huge. Well I headed in and roamed around looking for the toys. I found them. They had the AT-ST and and some 3.75" that weren't Han, Fin, or Poe. But the problem was that they still were old figures. Phasma, 2x FO Stormtroopers, some Lukes, Old Han and Leia, and a few others.

    I spent too much time there and wasn't able to head over to the other WM before my lunch time was running out.

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    North Glen Burnie Target had Jedha Revolt 3.75" four pack in a dump at Electronics(4 avail.). This is the only way to get Saw & "two-tubes" alien.

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    South GB Target on Crain Hwy. had a whole case of exclusive BS 6" AT-ACT Driver on floor in SW aisle.

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    Reston Target their AT-ACT Driver. these seem to be hitting hard today country wide

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