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Thread: New England Finds v10

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    There are two 40th Han Solo figures and one 40th R2-D2 at the Smithfield Gamestop as of noon today.

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    Bought Luke and Landspeeder for $15 at North Smithfield Walmart. Last one. Brickseek said $30. Better price check them just in case. It was in with the Star Wars stuff, nothing about it indicated it was marked down.
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    I finally got my Last Jedi Leia in the mail from amazon. Finished with all the last jedi stuff so far.

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    As of 11:30 the Walmart in Warwick on Bald Hill Road (near TRU) had a ton of TBS 3.75” Ponda, Sandtrooper and Sand people figures. Only one white proto Fett. It looked like at least 3 each.

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    4x of the Target-exclusive ROTJ Battle pack (Emperor, Luke, and ERG) spotted at Westwood MA Target. Had them pulled from the back room. Present on the pegs were a few of the newest TLJ single-carded figures: 1x Leia, 1x R2D2, 1X DJ, and 2X Rey. No new Lukes. Picked up a ROTJ pack, Leia, and R2.
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    As of 8:30 tonight at the Cranston Gamestop (Garfield Ave) they must have just received a shipment of Black Series figures. From what I remember..

    At least 3 R2-D2 figures, and 4 Han Solos (40th).

    1st row: 3 OT Stormtroopers, Poe, Elite Guard

    2nd row: Finn in FO Disguise, Luke, 3x Kylo Ren

    3rd row: Kylo, Rey, 2x Vader, FO Finn

    4th row: 2x Vader, Poe, Death Trooper

    Bottom shelf: Inferno TIE Pilot, Elite Guard, 3x Maz

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    WalMart 2013 had the elite praetorian guard wave minus Jania and some of the older wave stuff. They had a lonely General Leia so I snatched up the Leia for my WalMart still only has the F1NN on Jakku and Rey on Jakku and a lonely TLJ Kylo.... No new 3.75 inch figures at my WM but store 2013 had the 2nd wave left-overs....

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    Hey boys, I haven't been on in a long time and really miss it around here. I'm jumping on real quick to see if anyone local to the Boston area would be interested in a nice big lot of SH Figuarts / Mafex Star Wars figures?

    Han - $50
    Luke (A New Hope) - $45 (also have the 6" Landspeeder for $20)
    r2d2 (unopened) - $55
    c3p0 (unopened) - $65
    Captain Phasma (FOrce Awakens) - $30
    Storm Trooper (Force Awakens) - $30
    Battle Droid (Phantom) - $30
    Jango - $30
    Death Trooper - $35
    Shore Trooper - $40

    Darth Maul - $65

    Suicide Squad Harley (SH FIgures) - $35
    Suicide Squad Deadshot (MAFEX) - $35
    Rey (Force Awakens) (MAFEX) - $50
    Stone Cold and Rock (figuarts) - $30 each
    Boba Fett (Revoltech) - $55
    Hollywood Hogan (Storm Collectibes) - $40

    Also have the 43" A New Hope Hero X-Wing Hasbro put out a few years ago in box - $50

    6" Justice League Batmobile in box - $60
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    Not many of us have been chiming in on here since there has been nothing to find! Good luck with your sale though. I don’t collect any of those lines so personally would not be interested.

    i picked up an Obi Wan Force Fx Lightsaber while traveling for work earlier this week at Walmart. It was on clearance for $99. I got home, opened it and one of the parts was sliding around on the saber. It had either come unglued or unwelded but for $99 I didn’t want a broken prop piece. I had to return in unfortunately. That was my first (and most likely my last) experience buying one of those. Too bad because it looked so cool.

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    Forgot to post this but if anyone here is still looking for either Luke or Rey's Landspeeder, check a store inside the Warwick Mall called Go! Calendars (I think that's what its called). That store is closing, everything is 60% off. They still had them there Friday night.

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