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Thread: New England Finds v10

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    ^That is a crappy feeling! Glad you were able to get an ERG at least. I'd still like one more of those so I'll have an even 4

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    Walgreens in southern NH finally have the new Star Wars endcap display. I was there for the new pop exclusives but both of the stores I was in had several of the 6" force spirit Obi Wans.

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    I picked up the BB8 playset at Target last night. Price compared with the then Amazon price of $129.99, then utilized the $25 off coupon for a final price of $105 plus tax. Larger than I expected. I feel $100 is a worthwhile price for this set.

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    After finding the red guard at Walgreens last week, I found Poe today at the Warwick Mall Target. No sign of Maz, Leia or any other figures from the wave. They did have Kylo, Vader, AT-AT Driver and the AT-ACT Driver.

    And Zuvio.

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    Found a second Praetorian Guard at the Walgreens in Johnston. Not sure if they are getting any other figures from this wave, the guard is the only one I've been seeing there.

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    First time I'm seeing them - Walmart in Warwick on Bald Hill Road (near Toys R Us) has 3 Sandtroopers, 3 Ponda, 3 Tuskin Raiders and 1 white Boba Fett in the 3.75" Black Series line as of 9:45am.

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    Was able to grab these off HTS (Leia was in my cart but the sale didn't go through)

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    Had to leave work early, I stopped in Target in Smithfield and finally found Maz and Leia. All caught up with the current wave now. I left Poe as I already have him and Finn in First Order disguise. This was around 1pm.

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