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Thread: New England Finds v10

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    Picked up the Darth Vader 40th Anniversary Early Bird set tonight at Target in Smithfield. They had to bring it out from the back. Also picked up Rogue One on blu-ray. I used the $10 coupon as well.
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    Also picked up 40th Vader at Concord Target using the DCPI. Also bought the Jedha 4 pack. Used the coupon and got $15 off. Got both for $50 total.

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    I'm awaiting a deluge of droids that I've ordered over the last few days:

    Clone Wars Astromech Set (Disney parks)
    R-3D0 (Disney Parks)
    Chopper (EBay)
    R2/3PO 40th Anniversary Set (EBay)
    Blue Senate Protocol Droid (EBay)

    I still want a vendor droid but going to wait until some one goes to Disney or EBay prices drop a bit. Maybe a black protocol too.
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