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Thread: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

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    2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    Please read carefully before voting
    Welcome to the 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll Finals! The important change is that you are NOW voting on a RELATIVE scale. And as a reminder, when voting, you are voting for that figure ONLY, not against, how much you want figures from other categories Unlike the nominations phase where you were simply voting that you wanted a figure, now you are voting on HOW MUCH you want that figure. This is very simple, and basically requires that you rate each of the finalists on a scale of 6 down to 1. A vote of six means that you REALLY want the figure and that it should be an immediate prioriy for Hasbro, and a 1 means that you probably wouldn't buy the figure even if it were released.

    Take some time to review the rankings before voting - think through each subject carefully, and vote using the FULL scale:

    6: Definite Buy! - This figure is one of your most wanted subjects. You would be out hunting as soon as it was released, and heck, would even consider paying a premium to get it from overseas, or from a similar early release vendor. It is a figure that, if you were planning the line, would get ranked ahead of 90% of the other potential releases. In a category of 20 choices, you really should only have 2-3 sixes.

    5: Likely Buy - This figure is something that you really want to see released, but there are those few other releases that are ahead of this one. Don't hesitate to use this vote for something that you want more than most, or even more than average! You'd definitely look forward to adding this one to your collection, but probably would stick to your usual hunting patterns to find one.

    4: Wanted - This is a figure that you want, that you would be happy to see released, but there are more than a few that you'd rather see first (the 5's and 6's). You'd keep an eye open for it, but perhaps wouldn't be so active in hunting it down. More of a "target of opportunity" when there wasn't anything else around that you wanted more.

    3: Meh - Some would say not really wanted This is a figure that would be a just below average release for you, one that you might or might not purchase (50% of these releases you'd purchase, 50% you would not purchase) if it were to be released. No active hunting, but maybe when you see it, you buy it on an impulse. Everything in the 4-6 rankings would be higher on your wishlist.

    2: Likely Pass - This is a figure that you really don't want to see released, but that you just might buy just to keep your collection complete. Maybe it would tempt you when you saw it in person, and it was better than you expected, or might buy it on clearance. It's one that you wouldn't be happy to see released and if you puchased it, you'd probably do so begrudgingly (10% of these releases you'd purchase, 90% you would not purchase).

    1: Definite Pass - If you saw it on the shelf, it would be an EASY pass. Not only would you not want to see this figure released, you flat would not buy it, no ifs, ands or buts.

    And if those don't make sense, just think of it this way, the more you want to see it released the HIGHER your vote should be (just like ranking the categories), think of a 6 as something that you're exhuberantly posting about when the announcement is made, and think of a 1 as something that you're bashing Hasbro over for being stupid - an average score of 3.5 is, well, just that, average, straight in the middle of the possible releases.

    And even then, if that doesn't make any sense, just ask in this thread, and most anyone here will help you make sense of the process.

    Oh and please make sure to rank EVERY choice even if you're not interested, make sure to vote for ALL the choices, it helps to keep the voting consistent.

    400+ votes are required to complete the poll.

    If you're not familiar with any of the choices, or why they MIGHT be good choices, and how fans would like to see them released (don't just assume the Hasbro Worst for each) - please review the next post as it has photos and a brief on each of the finalists, and what features we'd like to see included.

    Are you sure you understand the scale and are ready to vote?

    Here are your finalists from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    Episode IV: A New Hope
    Now we come to where it all started! While the oldest & original "source material" of the Star Wars saga, A New Hope still has a very strong pool of nominations. Over 50 subjects have 10 or more nominations - Only ROTJ can boast a similar depth of interest! This continues to be an impressive feat, particularly for the cantina patrons, as the steady stream of releases has continued (previous multi-year finalist Bom Vimdin is just starting to do the retail rounds). Yet as finalists fall off the list and get produced there are always new members to take their place, as evidenced by the 13 new members of the ANH finals this year. As always the characters are a mix of all new, and the ever desired updates to old outdated figures from the POTF2 days. Here are the ANH finalists:

    Admiral Motti - New Finalist for 2011
    The Imperial Admiral that stood up, briefly, to Vader! One of those moments in Star Wars that made us all sit up and say wow. Admiral Motti believed in the superiority of Imperial hardware, particularly the Death Star, and had little faith in Vader or the Force. One of the somewhat rare figures from the tail end of the POTF2 days, the original release of Motti featured, for the time, novel articulation allowing for that famous grasping for air pose. Re-released in the Death Star briefing scene pack, the figure received no improvements. Given the level of articulation and detail that Imperial officers have received since, fans are looking for a re-work on the figure to match it to current standards. Using the existing stock of Imperial Officer tooling, a new head and perhaps hand sculpt, it shouldn't be too hard to make an all new Admiral Motti.

    Arleil Schous
    One of the many never-before-made denizens from Chalmun's cantina, this aging male Defel was a Rebel Alliance contact in Mos Eisley. Arleil is one of many aliens that receives a focused shot during this scene - while we only see him by himself, we know that he was sitting with Bom Vimdin, Brainiac and the un-named gold-skinned man. Obviously this figure would need to have a blaster, but then should also come equipped with the usual Cantina gear - especially since we see him lowering his glass during this scene.

    Baniss Keeg (Chachi De Maal)
    The “other” Duro seemingly having a heated discussion with his (come to find out HER) counterpart (come to find out HUSBAND) Ellors Madak (the first ever fan’s choice figure, released in 2001), Baniss Keeg is one of many Cantina patrons to make the finals. Apparently Baniss and Ellors are husband and wife. The names apparently have been all over the place in the EU, but the original names that everyone became familiar with – Baniss and Ellors – were introduced by Decipher in the CCG. According to articles these are aliases, and that their real names are Ohwun and Chachi De Maal. However, since fans are most familiar with the Decipher names, we’ll stick to those for purposes of this poll. Baniss wears a largely different outfit than the “space suit” that Ellors wears, so at minimum the torso and arms would require a new tooling. This figure rounds out one of the many notable screen shots from the film, one that is plainly visible at “play speed”, regardless of the EU back stories that have been developed, and should be considered for any down-the-road cantina patron release spot. Several on this list have ranked much higher.

    Beru Lars
    Luke’s Aunt Beru was first released as a transitional POTF2 “preview” figure in 1998 as part of the flashback line. The figure, like many POTF2 releases, does not stand-up to the present day line for scale, detail or articulation. This release needs to be a complete reset over the 1998/99 release, it should feature better “kitchen” accessories (not the solid “blue” molded pitcher), and perhaps one of the small droids seen around the homestead.

    Cantina Band Member - New Finalist for 2011
    Here is one of those figures that many of us wondered why we never got in the original vintage run. Heck, I even remember early arguments on the playground about folks claiming that they had one - sure you do pal, I know my Star Wars figures, and they never made one. But I digress. Flash forward to the early days of the POTF2 line and Hasbro finally saw fit to grace us with a Bith band member - in fact, it was a cool mail-away figure that came packed with all the instruments. It also had a VERY early cut at elbow articulation so that the figure could actually "play" the instruments. While decent for 1996 or so, the figure, which has gone through a couple of different re-issues over the years since, doesn't stand the test of time, and needs a complete re-work. A modern sculpt with full articulation, and lots of attention spent on ALL of the instruments, and this will be a winner of a release. Many of us will buy six or seven to simulate the full band. This one also makes all the sense in the world as a vintage release, so we'd hope that Hasbro would get to it sooner than later. Like mentioned above, this was one of those figures that we all thought we'd see back in the day, so getting one on a vintage card (much like the coming Tarkin) would be ultra cool.

    Commander Praji
    While there were a pair of Black Tunic Imperial Officers (BTIO) released in the Legacy Collection line (both as parts of Endor-related battlepacks), neither truly represent what fans have been asking for in this figure. A true, articulated, badged ANH style BTIO is what fans have been asking for - with the ranking badge and other details that were absent from the ROTJ costumes. This figure should be an easy update on the 2009 Captain Needa body. Several different specific BTIOs were nominated during the process, but Commander Praji was the only one to make it to the finals - the officer that addresses Vader regarding what had been found aboard the Tantive IV. Hasbro has recently stated that they have no plans to re-address the BTIO any time soon - let's hope that they were speaking of generics, and not specifics like this figure. We need to show our support here to show that this gap has not been closed! This is also somewhat of a vintage gap, as we still don't have a black uniformed "Imperial Commander," we've had several gray/green uniformed versions, but never a proper black uniform!

    Commander Vanden Willard - New Finalist for 2011
    One of the many rebel leaders we meet during the hanger scenes on Yavin IV, Commander Willard greets the heroes upon their arrival. Wearing a standard rebel officer uniform, Willard would make an excellent addition to the rebel forces that we've received to date. He would also be an excellent base for customs and further rebel officers. One of the very few charactres with a speaking part that has NOT been produced at some level, Willard seems like a natural fit for a collector oriented slot! Willard also shares a common uniform with another finalist - General Bob Hudsol. So with one tooling, there's at least two characters possible - requiring only and additional headsculpt, and perhaps a different rank badge. Interestingly enough, this is the last character that is named in the credits that has NOT been produced as an action figure!

    Danz Borin - New Finalist for 2011
    One of the many "spacers" from the Cantina. We see Danz only briefly in the background of the Cantina. His EU backstory tell us that, like everyone else, he's a bounty hunter, and after the bounty on Han Solo. Not much is available on his costume, but like many of the similar spacers from the cantina, it seems to have been fashioned out of military surpulus flight gear from the 50s and 60s. As a bounty hunter he should at least come with a weapon. It is worth noting, that while not a finalist, there is another cantina spacer that would actually be much easier for Hasbro to tool. This is the character that's been referred to in some circles as "Cantina Dude." This spacer wears the costume that became the basis for Bossk. A yellow flight suit, but instead of the reptillian feet, hands and head, the spacer wore black boots, gloves and a helmet. So with the swap of forearms, lower legs and a new head, an all new figure would be possible on the basis of the already excellent Bossk figure!

    Death Star Trooper (Gray Tunic)
    Here is perhaps one of the more controversial figures in the finals. Many continue to point to this figure as the ONLY gap in the original 12 vintage collection - as they say that the "Death Squad Commander" has not been released yet. They will say that this one needs to be a gray uniformed version of the Death Star Trooper - to fill the vintage gap (the original 1978 figure was, of course, gray). Looking at the picture above - which was the basis for the original figure's card back, there are a few other details - like the headphones and cord - that would need to be included. Hasbro has already admitted that this one is on their radar (probably because it's a pretty easy repaint), but that they'll wait until such a time as they resurrect the vintage line - and place him on a card back like the original vintage figure. So now that the resurrected vintage line has been going for a couple of years now what's the hold up! With the popularity of the Antique Force Detail collection joke, and the actual vintage-esque Zuckuss/4-LOM pack coming at conventions last summer, it's clear that there's a big interest in these types of releases.

    EG-6 Power Droid - Lars Homestead
    Here we have a figure that is actually a vintage gap. Originally covered in the 1979 "second" series of Star Wars figures, the Power Droid has seen modern issue as the "Gonk" Droid as seen on the Sandcrawler. However, a study of the film will reveal that the original 1979 Power Droid is based on the droid seen in the courtyard of the Lars homestead. While still a walking box, the Lars Power Droid differs in many details from the Gonk Droid. The body is a different shape, and the "face" details (originally represented as a sticker on the 1979 figure) are completely different. The Lars power droid is also a blue color, different from the other Gonk Droids that we see in other parts of the saga. Let's tool up a new body and finally cover this vintage gap!

    General Bob Hudsol - New Finalist for 2011
    Another of the Rebel leaders present at Yavin IV, we see General Hudsol in the control room during the attack on the Death Star. Wearing essentially the same uniform as Commander Willard, we actually see this figure as a 2-for-1 opportunity with the basic Rebel Officer body. Perhaps offer two heads in the same release call it "Rebel Officer!" A rank badge change may be the only other change required. Besides, you just can't argue with the 'stache!

    Gold 2 "Tiree"
    One of Gold Leader's escorts down the Death Star trench Tiree hangs back trying to keep Vader and his wingmen off Gold Leader. Ultimately they fail. Unlike other ANH Y-Wing pilots released so far with the generic blue alliance symbol on their helmets (this must've been the standard prop for all the various shots in the hangar), Tiree actually utilizes a helmet that has a unique helmet design - a red alliance symbol, similar to Luke's but with a heavy black outline (different from Luke'). This figure is an EASY update on any of the better X-Wing pilot bodies currently in circulation - with just a new head sculpt and new helmet design required!

    Gold 5 Davish "Pops" Krall
    Gold Leader's other wingman from the Death Star trench. Like fellow nominee Tiree, Pops is one of the few remaining pilots with a unique helmet logo - a gray circle with a thin "plus sign" dividing it. What would make this figure slightly more challenging, is that Pops was a little more "paunchy" than the other pilots, so it would be nice to see a heavier set pilot tooling (which Hasbro has now acknowledged drove the development of the Willrow Hood figure). Besides who else is going to urge us to "Stay on target!"

    Labria / Kardue'sai'Malloc
    The sinister and devilish looking character from the Cantina with the creepy laugh is one of the newest subjects to join the finals. Unlike most of his other fellow cantina finalists, Labria is actually a request for an update. Originally sculpted as part of a POTF2 cinema scene, Labria had all the standard problems of the era, AND came with a horrible plastic cape that made him look more like an NFL linebacker wearing a sideline poncho. Looking at the comic pack Villie, it's easy to see what can be done with a modern tool on a Devaronian. The EU creates a story where Labria is Kardue'sai'Malloc, the "Butcher of Montellian Serat" that was responsible for the death of many Devoranians during a civil war, and is later captured by Boba Fett and returned for a large bounty. Bar gear and a blaster are required accessories for this release!

    Lak Sivrak - New Finalist for 2011
    The Wolf Man of the Cantina that was replaced by Ketwol in the Special Edition update of 1997. Lak has been released in the POTF2 days, but like all of his POTF2 counterparts, is now hopelessly outdated compared to current standards. A full super-articulated release with modern sculpting would be much apprecaited, however, with his replacement in the Special Editions, it'll take a big push from the fans to get this one through!

    Melas - New Finalist for 2011
    One of the cantina denizens that showed up as part of the Special Edition update, Melas replaced Arleil Schous - removing the other "Wolfman" from the Cantina sequence. Using the same mask as Ketwol, but turning it backwards, and covering the tusks and trunk with a turban, the Special Edition crew created two different aliens out of the same mask! An all new alien never produced, it would be nice to see Melas join the many denizens that have been released over the last few years to continue to move toward completing the cantina sequence.

    Momaw Nadon - New Finalist for 2011
    One of the most iconic aliens from the cantina sequence. Momaw Nadon, or "Hammerhead" has been released in a few formats over the years. One of the few cantina creatures to see a vintage figure, we now have a pretty good version resulting from the 2006 TSC release. However, the common complaint about that figure is that he can't "sit." Lacking knee articulation, this nomination is purely a request for an articulation upgrade, as the aethetic of the 2006 figure is outstanding!

    Mosep Bineed
    The character that many of us originally knew as Jabba the Hutt due to Marvel's use of the Mosep design in place of Jabba in the original comics adaptation. We actually see Mosep on the streets of Mos Eisley as the heroes make their way to docking bay 94. Mosep is actually only a head sculpt away from being made, as his outfit is actually a red version of the standard Imperial tunic, so with a new head sculpt and a repaint of one of the better Imperial officer bodies, this figure is "in the bag." The back story provided by the EU tells us that Mosep is Jabba's accountant, so given that he works for the Hutt, he was almost certainly packin'.

    Owen Lars
    One of many “Power of the Force” era figures that don’t match to the current releases in terms of scale or articulation. Uncle Owen should feature a much improved facial sculpt, improved articulation, and tools of the moisture farming trade. While we had a new Owen in the convention comic pack last summer, it wasn't a proper ANH Uncle Owen, but rather a younger Owen from an EU story. All that is needed is a repaint of that figure, maybe with a new more grizzled head sculpt.

    Princess Leia - Ceremony
    Here is one of the many figures requested as an update of an old, clunky and out of scale POTF2 figure. The update in scale alone makes this figure a worthwhile request - as the previous versions of Princess Leia from the ceremony scene (one from the Princess Leia collection and one from the 1998 Episode I preview lineup) tower over newer issues of our favorite OT heroine.

    Princess Leia - Main Outfit
    While we have the excellent vintage release from 2004, many have criticized that release's lack of articulation, particularly the swivel elbows. Given that Leia sees plenty of action while wearing this costume (unlike her mother that was constantly changing clothes, she wears this through the entire film, save for the ending scene), articulation is key. Fortunately, given the 2009 medical frigate version of Leia, this figure is now a slam dunk easy release. The figure from the ending scene in Empire wore the same costume, just with a different hair style. Since the 2004 tool was used - with updated ball-jointed elbows - we're only a head-swap away from having the definitive ANH Leia. While many will just do this as their own custom figure - we'll hope that Hasbro sees fit to releasing an updated ANH Leia using the update arm tooling.

    Red 10 Theron Nett
    With the release of 2009's John D. "Red Four" Bannon - in the WalMart evolution packs - Red Ten is the LAST X-Wing pilot with a unique helmet design left to be made. Seemingly all the pilots that were filmed for the flying sequences had unique helmets, yet all of the pilots that were filmed for the boarding sequence used the same generic blue symbol helmet. Theron - like all other pilots is a head-sculpt and helmet re-paint away from release. This is a perfect filler figure for a future ANH wave, a battlepack or similar release.

    Red 6 Jek Porkins
    And here is the only pilot where fans are asking for an upgrade. While we already have the POTJ figure for Porkins, most acknowledge that he was just too big. As his name jokingly implies. Porkins was a big guy - but he wasn't so big that he couldn't fit in an X-Wing cockpit. And that is JUST the problem with the 2000 release of Porkins - the figure is so big, that he won't fit in an X-Wing cockpit. Just looking at the actor that played Porkins, William Hootkins, who played one of the government agents seeking to recruit Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, we can see that he is indeed heavy set, but no where near as huge as the original figure implies. In fact, as we noted above, we believe that the same tool could be used for fellow finalist Pops.

    This Ranat scavenger and thief is another never-before-released cantina finalist. Another character that we can plainly see during the various camera shots around the Cantina, Reegesk would make yet another great addition to the Cantina figures already available. Standard Cantina accessories would be nice to have with this figure. Although we also know from the EU that the Ranat stole Het Nkik's power pack from his blaster (sadly resulting in the Jawa's death), so perhaps small bits of equipment would also make good accessories for this figure. Given that this figure would be fairly small, he would be a good figure to pack-in with another smaller figure.

    Yet another never-before-released Cantina Denizen to join the ANH finals. This Lutrillian was a General in the GAR from the days of the Clone Wars. A fugitive from the Empire, Solomahal worked as a scout for hire based on Tatooine. He ended up sharing stores about lost treasure with fellow denizen (and finalist) Tzizvvt, with the two becoming friends, and seeking the lost fortunes together!

    Takeel, Zutton, & "Snaggletooth" - New Finalist for 2011
    Here is a tough one to nail down. So tough that the character - or at least similar characters were nominated separately, and both made the finals on their own votes. Yet another character, the only real movie character did not. So to help sort this mess out, we combined them into one listing. There are two concrete characters that we can point to that were actually filmed. First we have Takeel - the "snaggletooth" alien in the Cantina, we see him in a booth as Han leaves the Cantina after blasting Greedo. This figure has been done by Hasbro in a cinema scene pack back in the POTF2 days. The second subject actually filmed was Zutton. This was the character on which the cardback for the original Kenner 1979 Snaggletooth was based. Unfortunately this character was only seen in the holiday special. This character has also been released in the modern line under the Zutton name as part of the POTJ line. While a decent sculpt, the POTJ Zutton lacks the current level of articulation, and should that specific character be addressed again, articulation would be the desired upgrade. However, these two characters mentioned, what fans seemed to be nominating (based on the comments with the character names) were the actual vintage Snaggletooth figures. As most know, there were two versions, one tall, with a blue outfit and silver moon boots released as part of a sears exclusive, and then a second shorter release in the proper maroon released in the basic line. While neither vintage figure seems to be based on any character actually filmed, there is a strong interest to see current figures that simulate the vintage releases. While the "Blue" Snaggletooth was actually released in the OTC K-Mart scene packs, that figure was based on the old Kenner style, and lacks modern sculpting, detail, scale and articulation. So a collector release of that style of Snaggletooth would be nice to see in the modern style. Finally, perhaps the most desired release would be the one version that's never seen release - a modern analog to the true vintage Snaggletooth, short, wearing maroon (like Takeel), but with "animal" hands and feet. Some degree of common tooling could be used across all releases, although Zutton and the vintage Snaggletooth are potentially the most different. It would be great to see all of these variants over the coming years. Who knew that one vintage subject could be so complex?

    Tusken Raider - New Finalist for 2011
    While we've seen several excellent Tusken Raiders over the years, include the 2006 VTSC release, we don't have a Tusken Raider that is up to the current standard for articulation. Just a small update of new arms featuring ball jointed elbows (to replace the current swivel elbows) and a new, larger (more correct-to-scale) head sculpt would satisfy this request!

    Yet another candidate for any Cantina release slot. Although not as visible as many of the others, he is definitely there, and visible while watching the film. Tzizvvt is known in early production art as “Bar Fly.” The EU has Tzizvvt posing as a xenoarcheologist having stolen treasures from Imperial worlds. He ends up striking up a conversation with Solomahal and the two end up partners seeking fortune and glory. This is the last of five ANH finalist in the 2009 Fan's Choice Poll yet to be made or is known to be in the pipeline.

    Wuher - New Finalist for 2011
    The daytime bartender at Chalmun's cantina. Wuher, like many other requests on this (and the other OT lists) has been released in the modern line, but as a POTF2 figure. One of those all new subjects released as a fan club exclusive, we were excited to see Wuher back in the day, but sadly, like his other POTF2 counterparts, the figure has not aged well and doesn't hold up to the modern standard. An all new release on Wuher would be required. Maybe this would finally be the place to include the "distillery" gear for behind the bar. Perhaps something in there could even have a chip recording of his famous "No blasters! NO BLASTERS!" line.

    Yerka Mig - New Finalist for 2011
    One of the first human patrons of the cantina to make the finals, the EU spins us a backstory of Yerka being an Imperial official running from the Empire after his home planet was occupied. Yerka is definitely more of a backgrounder in the cantina and doesn't have the following that many of the alien patrons have, however, Yerka is sitting in a prominent position at that bar, and is easily visible in the film. Probably a little ways down the list of cantina patrons to do, let's at least get Yerka on the radar for after some of the more prominent patrons are completed and fully updated.
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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    Voting is OPEN!
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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    Woohooo! Here's where the fun begins! Go Arleil!! And gooo Lak!!
    Most Wanted
    Arleil Schous-Ewk Leia-Garouf Lafoe-Lak Sivrak-Klaatu-Sy Snootles (puppet)-Yotts Orren-Sim Aloo-Tzizvvt-Shasa Tiel-Piett-Barada-Yerka Mig-Solomahal-Cantina BndMmbr-BespEsc Leia-Reegesk-Tessek-Yoxgit-Vedain-SBarge Weequay-SalteMarae-Wuher-VelkenTezari-Taym Drengaren

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    I gave 5's to Main Outfit Leia, the Cantina Band member, and the Tusken Raider.

    Commander Praji got a 4. Straight 2's for the rest.
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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    Had a lot more 6's than I probably should, but as a newish collector I have a lot of collection goles to fill.
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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    Princess Leia(s), Aunt Beru, Uncle Owen, Tusken Raider, and Wuher scored 4 or above for me. Everything else was a pass.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    I gave 6's to Cantina band member, tusken raider, bartender, leia main outfit, and porkins. Ended up giving a ton of 5's and 4's in this poll, especially to the cantina members. I think my only 1 was for the power droid. I'd be happy to see almost any of these made, but I'm afraid we'll have to wait closer to the ANH 3D release to see many of the cantina folks. Bom vindim will hopefully convince them to pump out more aliens!!

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    6s to Baniss Keeg, Cmdr Praji, Motti, EG-6 Power Droid, Momaw Nadon, Tusken Raider, all the Rebel pilots, and both Leias--BUT the basic ANH Leia NEEDS TO BE MORE THAN A HEADSWAP. The 2004 VOTC head is WAY TOO SMALL! New headsculpt at least as large as Frigate Leia's and the pistol from the 2007 Endor Leia are needed.

    5s to Owen, Beru, Danz Borin, Mosep, and Reegesk.

    4s to Arleil, Lak Sivrak, Cantina Band Member, Cmdr Willard, General Hudsol, and Yerka Mig

    3s to the Snaggletooth conundrum and Wuher

    2 to Labria. I dunno.

    1s to Melas (ugh), Solomahal, Tzizvt, and the grand-daddy of all 1s: Gray-tunic Death Star Trooper. Because what so many people are asking for is NOT what's pictured on the vintage card. The card photo is of a guy wearing a gray uniform with no rank badge, no gloves, and wearing his trousers OVER his boots/shoes. He also has the headphones with danging cord... the figure Kenner made, and the 'simple' solution proposed in the write-up, are both just as Expanded Universe as Jaxxon or Ben Skywalker. I will give a 6 to an accurate version, especially if Hasbro wisely renamed him "Death Star Controller", as it's a far more appropriate title for him.

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    Re: 2011 Rebelscum Wishlist Poll - ANH Finals

    I favor getting really excellent versions of the main characters done once and for all, hence my high votes for the Leias, Owen and the Tusken. Most of the extreme background cantina aliens are 2s and 3s for me.

    And my only 1 went to the Bar Fly, Tzivvvizizt (whatever). He is one of the top "let's pretend this never happened" characters. He might actually be THE top.

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